Off The Grid Solar Panels: How Many Solar Panels Do I Need

If you're looking to be energy-independent, save money on your electricity bills, or live a more sustainable lifestyle, going off the grid is the ideal solution. Off-grid living means using solar panels with a battery to generate your own electricity and reduce your reliance on the main grid.

While the initial costs of off-the-grid solar panel systems can be high, they are efficient in the long run. Jackery is a leading manufacturer of solar panels and power stations. The Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels have a high solar conversion efficiency rate of 24.3% to produce a lot of electricity from the sun, even on cloudy days.

Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panel


jackery solarsaga 200w

- Excellent solar conversion efficiency of 24.3%.

- ETFE-laminated design extends its lifespan.

- Instant setup in 60 seconds.

- Magnetic pads allow the solar panel to be folded up tightly.

- Compatible with all Jackery portable power stations.

What Is An Off-Grid Solar System

Solar panels off-the-grid systems are large enough to meet the electricity needs of homes or businesses. These systems combine robust off-the-grid solar panels and a portable power station to produce and store electricity for home needs.

An off-grid solar system pulls off the sun's energy using solar panels, which are then routed to a battery. All the generated energy is stored in the power station that contains an in-built inverter. You can connect the power station to any home or outdoor appliances and start recharging it.

how off grid solar system works

Main Components Of An Off-Grid Solar System

Most off-the-grid solar panel systems in the market consist of solar panels, an inverter, a battery, and a solar charge controller. Let's explain them briefly.

Solar Panels

The most critical component of an off-the-grid solar system is the solar panel. The role of these photovoltaic cells is to convert the light rays that fall on them into electricity. Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels uses high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, a durable ETFE frame, and a lightweight aluminum design.

Jackery solar panels have a high solar conversion efficiency of 24.3%, ensuring maximum sun rays are trapped and converted into electricity. One of the best parts about Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels is that they are foldable and portable.


Most modern power stations consist of an in-built inverter to convert the direct current (DC) generated by panels into usable alternating current (AC). A solar inverter is a critical component in an off-the-grid solar panel system to ensure all appliances are charged using a safe and reliable current.

Charge Controller

The role of the charge controller is to improve the battery's efficiency and safety while charging. Jackery Explorer Portable Power Stations consist of in-built MPPT solar charge controllers to protect the battery from overcharging and maintain reliable power flow.


The excess energy generated by panels during the day is stored in the battery or power station for later use. The power stations or batteries supply electricity to appliances during power outages, on cloudy days, or at night.

Off-Grid Vs. Grid-Tie Solar System

Off-grid and grid-tied solar systems are two popular options to power homes without solely relying on the electricity grid.

Off-the-grid solar power systems are not connected to the utility grid and require batteries to store excess energy.

Alternatively, grid-tie systems are connected to the grid, so they can sell extra power back to the utility company.

Below are the different types of off-the-grid solar systems.

Solar-Only System

As the name defines, solar-only systems rely exclusively on solar panels. These solar panels are sometimes connected to batteries to store the excess amount of electricity and power appliances when sunlight is unavailable.

Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels are highly-efficient solar solutions that convert maximum sunlight into electricity. They are foldable and portable, making them an excellent solution for home and outdoor power needs.

Generator Backup

This off-grid solar system consists of solar panels with a backup generator. The solar system generates electricity during the day and stores the extra energy in the generator.

Jackery Solar Generators combine solar panels and backup batteries. They work in tandem to absorb, collect, and convert sunlight and charge home appliances using solar energy.

Hybrid Solar System

The hybrid solar system combines three power sources: solar panels, current grid connection, and batteries. Solar power panels produce electricity during the day, while homeowners can harness the power from the main grid at night.

Comparison Between Off-Grid & Grid-Tie Solar Systems

There is no simple answer to which solar panel system is best. The ideal type of solar system for you will depend on your needs and circumstances. If you live in a remote location or want to be completely independent of the grid, an off-grid system may be the best option. On the contrary, a grid-tie system may be a better choice if you live in an area with a reliable grid.

Off-Grid Systems

These systems utilize solar batteries to store extra energy generated by solar panels.

Pros: They are a reliable solution when you live in a remote area without affordable and reliable access to the grid.

Cons: It has a higher upfront cost, as you'll need to purchase solar panels and a compatible battery.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

Also known as on-grid systems, they use the electricity produced by panels during the day and tap into the grid at night.

Pros: You can save money on high electric bills and receive compensation for the excess energy credited to the utility grid.

Cons: This solar system does not offer access to electricity during the blackout.

Is going off-the-grid right for you?

Off-the-grid solar panel systems may not be suitable for everyone, but they are a worthy investment if you fall into any of the aspects mentioned below.

  • You want to enjoy a mobile lifestyle in your RV or camper van.
  • You want to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing a green solution.
  • You live in an area prone to blackouts, brownouts, or long-term power outages.
  • You want to reduce your dependency on the electricity grid.

Jackery Off The Grid Solar Panels

Jackery is a pioneer in manufacturing high-quality and robust solar panels, power stations, and solar generators. Available in different sizes and capacities, these foldable and portable solar panels can efficiently convert the sun's energy into clean energy.  

Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels

With a power rating of 200W, Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels can seamlessly charge power stations. The honeycomb light-trapping design and monocrystalline solar cells offer 24.3% solar panel efficiency. You can connect SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels with Explorer 3000 Pro Portable Power Station to build an off-grid solar panel system.

jackery solarsaga 200w solar panels
Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels

These monocrystalline solar panels have a high solar conversion efficiency rating of 24.3%. It is made with an ETFE-laminated design to enhance its temperature and corrosion-resistant abilities. It is also IP65 waterproof rated, which can withstand harsh and wet weather.

jackery solarsaga 100w solar panels
Jackery SolarSaga 80W Solar Panels

The upgraded dual-sided panels offer the highest solar conversion efficiency of 25%. It has an IP68 waterproof rating and extensive compatibility with all Jackery power stations. It weighs around 11 lbs, making it suitable for off-grid adventures.

jackery solarsaga 80w solar panels


Compatible with

Conversion Efficiency

Input & Output Ports


Jackery SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels

Can easily be connected to all Jackery Explorer Portable Power Stations.


Practical carrying bag

IP67 waterproof rating

Made with monocrystalline solar cells

Jackery SolarSaga 100W Solar Panels


Can easily be connected to all Jackery Explorer Portable Power Stations.




USB-A Output: 5V⎓2.4A

USB-C Output: 5V⎓3A

Lightweight and foldable

IP65 waterproof rating

Two USB output ports let you charge small appliances directly

Jackery SolarSaga 80W Solar Panels


Can easily be connected to all Jackery Explorer Portable Power Stations.


Upgraded dual-sided panels for maximum efficiency

IP68 waterproof rating

Weigh only 11 lbs

How to Choose Off The Grid Solar System

There is a growing interest among homeowners in using off-the-grid solar panel systems. The reason is that living off-grid reduces your carbon footprint and your dependency on the electrical grid.

However, you'll need to choose a high-quality off-grid solar kit that is powerful and easy to use. Below we reveal a few factors you need to consider while selecting the best off-the-grid solar panels system.

Energy Needs: Understanding how much power your home appliances consume can help you finalize the best off-the-grid solar system. For instance, if you want to power your entire home, consider investing in a large power kit like an expandable Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus.

Budget: Off-grid solar panel systems can vary in price depending on their type, efficiency, and size. If you are tight on budget, you can choose a small power station and a few solar panels for solar charging.

Quality: When investing in an off-grid system, you'll need to prioritize the quality of solar panels and power stations. Always look for batteries and solar panels that are durable, efficient, and reliable.  

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need to Be Off The Grid

One common question homeowners ask before investing in a solar solution is, "How many solar panels do I need to be off the grid."

If you want to determine the number of solar panels required, you'll need to calculate your power usage, the amount of sunlight you receive, system efficiency, etc.

Power Usage: The first step is to determine how much energy you require. You can check your most recent bill to get an estimation of kWh consumption. Alternatively, you can calculate the amount of watts your home appliances use and add them to get the total power usage.

Sunlight Received: The next step is to calculate the hours you receive peak sunlight. If you live in an area with a very high peak sunlight rate, a small power station of around 2000 or 3000 watts would suffice.

Solar System Efficiency: No solar system works with 100% efficiency. Therefore, it's crucial to consider the system losses and add 15-20% of power to your daily energy needs.

Let's take an example to understand better:

Suppose you want to power your home appliances that consume around 2000 watts daily, and your location receives 5 hours of sunlight.

If you are considering a solar panel of 300 watts, you'll need to purchase around 10 solar panels. However, that's not the case if you choose Jackery Solar Generators. These solar systems combine a powerful battery with solar panels to supply electricity to home appliances.

While Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro can efficiently charge 99% of home appliances, Jackery Solar Generator 12000 Kit supports two weeks of home backup. Depending on your power needs, you can invest in the right size power station or solar generator.

Off Grid Size

Jackery Explorer Portable Power Stations

Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels

Number of Panels


Explorer 2000 Pro

SolarSaga 200W 5

Explorer 2000 Plus

SolarSaga 200W



Explorer Kit 6000

SolarSaga 200W

1 or more


Explorer Kit 4000

SolarSaga 200W



Explorer Kit 12000

SolarSaga 200W

1 or more

Off The Grid Solar Panels FAQs

Can I go completely off-grid with solar panels?

Yes. Even though specific solar panels can work without a battery, attaching an additional power station is recommended. Going off the grid requires combining solar panels with a battery. Several battery backups, like Jackery Solar Generators, are designed to supply stable electricity to 99% of your home appliances.

How much does an off-grid solar system cost?

The exact cost of an off-grid solar system will depend on its size and capacity. For instance, Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus costs around £2,599. It has a battery capacity of 2042.8Wh and lets you charge 99% of home appliances. Similarly, Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro costs you around £2,599. It combines Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station and SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels.

What to do if your off-the-grid solar panels don't produce enough energy?

When solar panels age, they lose their efficiency and produce less energy. The best way to enhance the efficiency of solar panels is by cleaning the top and ensuring they're placed under direct sunlight. If you still have trouble producing enough energy, consider Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels, with an efficiency of nearly 24-25%.

Final Thoughts

Off-the-grid solar panel systems are a reliable way to reduce electricity bills and live a sustainable life. In order to maximize the benefits of solar systems, consider the combination of Jackery SolarSaga Solar Panels and Explorer Portable Power Stations.

With the expandable Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus, you can power 99% of appliances. It can be easily expanded from 2kWh to 24kWh, ensuring you can power your devices for long hours. Sign up for the Jackery newsletter to receive all the information about new products, how-to guides, and more.

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