Jackery DC Extension Cable for Solar Panel

Jackery DC Extension Cable for Solar Panel 5 Metres




  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The 5-metre power cable is pliable to fully extend for Jackery’s solar panel and portable power station connection - particularly practical for outdoor applications.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Filmed with PVC material, the cable with 7mm diameter is flame-retardant and durable that can be used for off-grid adventures.
  • STABLE POWER TRANSMISSION: The embedded premium copper core produces less resistance, delivering a fast, stable current.
  • SAFE & RELIABLE: UL listed (Note: avoid usage during the rainy day/wet environments).
  • PACKAGE: Includes a 5-metre extension cable.

Fast Delivery

30-Day Money back

Upgraded Solar Charging Experience

This extension cable means you can place your power station inside the house, conveniently charging with the solar panels, using solar outside. Also, it's perfectly suitable for RVs, motorhomes, outdoor campers due to excellent flexibility and practicality.

Perfect Length

The 16 ft extension cable used with the original 9.8 ft cable for the solar panel can be fully extended to 26 ft when connecting portable power station to solar panel. The dynamic range makes the accessory a must-have when needing power from a distance.

Built to Last

The tin-plated copper wire transfers fast, stable electricity safely and efficiently. The PVC material makes the cable durable and flame-retardant ideal for outdoor adventures.


Length: 16.4-feet ( 5 Meter)

Color: Orange

What You Get

• 16.4-feet extension cable

• 24 Month Warranty


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