Jackery Releases the First Environmental, Social, Governance Report in the Portable Energy Storage Industry

Jackery, a global leader of innovative portable power and green outdoor energy solutions, has recently released its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report, making it the first company in the portable energy storage industry to launch such a report. The report highlights Jackery's commitment to pursuing appropriate corporate governance, green operations, and social responsibility.

The ESG report, verified by independent third-party TÜV SÜD verification and testing, reveals that Jackery demonstrated remarkable achievements in environmental protection, promoting green energy and innovative storage technology, advocating for a diverse and inclusive culture, and fostering sustainable social value innovation.

Jackery ESG report

Furthermore, Jackery has fulfilled its social responsibility on a global scale. It has maintained long-term cooperation with global public welfare organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the National Forest Foundation (NFF), and the International Rescue Committee (IRC), contributing its strength and value to boost global sustainable development and other public welfare.

It is worth noting that the report highlights Jackery's contributions to disaster relief efforts in affected areas. In December 2021, Jackery donated solar generators to Kentucky, which had been severely damaged by a tornado. In October 2022, Jackery donated portable power stations and photovoltaic panels to Lee County and other areas in southwest Florida devastated by Hurricane Ian. These efforts are in addition to Jackery's prior contributions towards disaster relief, including multiple donations of portable power stations to emergency shelters in both the United States and Japan.

In terms of corporate governance, the report shows that Jackery upholds integrity and has implemented standardized operations to safeguard shareholders' rights. The company has established an appropriate governance structure and has also set corresponding rules to ensure clear responsibilities and balanced supervision among these governing bodies.

On product stewardship, the report found that Jackery strictly complies with international, national, and industrial standards, and implements the quality policy of "valuing technological innovation, quality, efficiency, customers and integrity."

"Driven by innovative technology, advanced manufacturing, global brands, and omnichannel distribution, we will fulfill the corporate mission of making green energy accessible anytime and anywhere, working together to protect our planet and build a better future," said Jack Sun, CEO of Jackery.