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What is a Solar Generator?

A solar generator can technically refer to a solar power system that combines a portable power station with solar panels. It emits no toxic gases, operating extremely cleanly - causing no environmental harm. Jackery solar power generators provide a reliable green energy solution for camping, RVing, off-the-grid, and home backup.

How does a Solar Generator Work?

A solar generator works by capturing solar energy with solar panels and storing it in a solar battery or portable power station. Jackery solar generators are a combination of solar panels and portable power stations that convert sun energy into electricity. The in-built inverter in the power station then converts the DC to AC and can power appliances indoors and outdoors.

Why Choose Jackery Solar Generator ?

  • Quick Solar Charging

    High Solar

    1.8 Hour
    Full Charge

    Jackery solar generators equip industry-leading solar panel efficiency of 25%, and can charge fully in 4 hours at the fastest (Solar Generator 1500 Pro). With the MPPT and IBC solar technology, the solar backup generator supports continuous and stable charging even during cloudy days and high temperatures. It is a renewable, clean power source with zero fuel cost.

  • Safe,
    that is Jackery

    BMS: 12 layers
    of protection

    9 Temperature Sensors

    Jackery solar generators adopt an intelligent BMS system and pure sine wave inverter to provide 12 layers of protection to charging devices. The unrivaled cooling system and up to 9 temperature sensors ensure an industry-leading 30% dissipation efficiency rate. A 94V-0 fire rating and UL standard drop design also mean the product is extremely sturdy.

  • Designed with Exploration in Mind

    Foldable &

    30% Lighter

    1. Jackery solar portable power station is 30% lighter than other competing products with the same capacity, making it especially suitable for outings. The combination of a light power station, and the foldable and lightweight magnetic solar panel, means the solar generator can support most electrical appliances on the go.

    2. Jackery's all-in-one solar power system is known for its easy installation abilities. It takes 1 minute to set up the solar generator, and the one-button start-up mechanism makes it easy to use. No matter what your charging needs are, both Jackery's small and large solar generators can support your power needs with little to no noise (30 dB).

  • Solar Power for 20 years in Any Weather

    20-Year Lifespan

    Works from
    14-104 ℉

    The solar power generator is incredibly durable and long-lasting. SolarSaga Solar Panels can work efficiently from 14-149℉ (-10-65℃), and the working temperature of the power station is 14-104 ℉ (-10-40°C). IP68 waterproof rating solar panels, makes it suitable for rainy days and humid environments. Even if you were to use the power station every week for 20 years, up to 80% of the battery's max capacity will still be maintained (Pro Series).

Jackery Solar Generator Pro

2000 Pro | 1500 Pro | 1000 Pro

With industry-leading 25% solar efficiency and quick charging power, the Jackery Solar Generator Pro Series is ideal for powering all your small and large appliances. Whether you're planning to enjoy RV life, boat living, off-grid living, camping, or home backup, the solar power charging station can power all your gear fast.

  • Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro

    Solar powered generator for house, off-grid living, and professional usage.

    AC Output:
    Solar Panel:
    2 hrs
    Sales price
  • Jackery Solar Generator 1500 Pro

    More than fast solar generator for camping and RV/Van Living

    Capacity: 1512Wh
    AC Output: 1800W
    Solar Panel: 200w
    Recharging: 2 hrs
    Sales price
  • Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro

    Best quiet solar generator for indoor and outdoor.

    Capacity: 1002Wh
    AC Output: 1000W
    Solar Panel: 80W
    Recharging: 1.8 hrs
    Sales price

Jackery Solar Generator

1000 | 500

Jackery Solar Generators are the ideal, lightweight, and safe power solution for camping, hiking, and fishing. The large and small solar generators provide a range of capacity options to charge different appliances, like a CPAP machine, laptop, refrigerator, and sump pump. They are on-the-go power generators, compact enough to carry when enjoying your outdoor activities.

  • Jackery Solar Generator 1000

    Affordable solar generator with large capacity

    AC Output:
    Solar Panel:
    Sales price

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