Is A Portable Power Station Worth the Investment -- Why Do You Need One?

You’ll be intrigued to know that the global portable solar supplier market worth is estimated to hit $836 million by 2023[1]. Considering the finite fossil fuel reserves and their crumbling effect on the environment, a dramatic transformation towards renewable energy sources is witnessed. Last year, the percentage of electricity production from renewable energy sources in the UK escalated from 39.6 to 41.4 percent[2]

Significant rises in energy prices and the hefty bills have left people in a dilemma. It won’t be wrong to say that maintaining an urban lifestyle is costing an arm and a leg these days. A reliable portable power station is one of those greener solutions. Shifting towards greener solutions is an intelligent way out of this unpredictable situation. 

What is a Portable Power Station?

Before jumping onto whether a portable power plant is worth the investment, it’s critical to understand what it is. A solar power plant is a compact, easy-to-transport device with a rechargeable battery. 

Consider it as a bigger power bank. It can be charged from multiple power reservoirs, from solar panels to wall outlets and car adapters. They come in numerous sizes and battery capacities. Large battery capacities can charge bigger appliances and provide electricity backup during power outages.

They contain multiple power inlets for connecting appliances and devices. Solar power stations come in extremely handy during travelling or off-grid settings. On top of that, their capability to produce power from solar energy limits the utilisation of finite fossil fuel reserves. 

‘Portable Power Station’ and ‘Solar Generator’ are often interchangeable. However, there’s a slight difference between both terms. A solar energy generator relies solely on solar energy for power generation, while a power station can be charged via multiple power sources, including solar panels. Apart from this key difference, both devices serve the same purpose. 

Diverse Applications of a Portable Power Station

There are various ways in which a power station can be a valuable asset to one's life. Let's discuss them in detail: 

1. Emergency Backup

In 2023, the residents of the UK are expected to witness power cuts of up to 27 hours a week[3]. So, having a portable solar-powered station can be lifesaving during power outages and emergencies. You can use it to charge emergency lights, medical equipment, and smartphones when electricity is not accessible. Following this method can ensure your safety in case of unforeseen circumstances.

2. Outdoor Activities

For people who love to experience outdoor adventures, portable power stations can be their best friends. Electricity is either limited or inaccessible during outdoor activities like camping and hiking. 


Jackery portable power station for outdoor adventures

A solar generator can power various electric equipment, from portable fans, radios, and lights to grills, mini-fridges, and stoves. Lastly, power stations are lightweight and compact, so carrying them along won't be strenuous. These can supply all your tech gadgets with consistent electricity to help you enjoy an interrupted camping and hiking experience. 

3. Off-Grid Settings

A solar power generator can be a reliable companion for people who want to take a step towards a sustainable and greener future. Living while dependent solely on renewable energy resources seems impossible, but not with a solar power generator and power stations.

In off-grid settings, a portable energy station can power equipment for everyday use, like washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and small air conditioning units. In short, using a solar generator is an effortless way to harness green sustainable energy. 

4. Power-Hungry Tools

Construction sites with limited or no access to electricity can benefit significantly from a portable power station. Power-hungry tools like air compressors, circular saws, rotary hammers, electric drills, and angle grinders can be easily powered with a portable power station. 

So, professional contractors who need a remote charging source as an emergency or supplementary backup can undoubtedly rely on a solar generator. 

5. Medical Facilities 

Portable solar-powered stations are precious in making medical facilities accessible in remote locations. Medical equipment like oxygen concentrators, ventilators, dental units, and ECG machines need power. Such equipment can be effortlessly powered with a portable power station.

On top of that, a hospital facing a power outage or energy crisis can rely on a portable power station. This way, they can effortlessly power life support medical equipment to manage patients in critical condition. 


Jackery portable power station applied in medical facilities

6. On-Location Shoots

The equipment used in professional shoots and filmmaking requires an adequate power supply. It can be challenging to make electricity accessible at on-location shoots, especially for areas far away from the city. 

Again, a portable power station will greatly assist shoots at such difficult locations. It can easily fulfil the energy prerequisites of cameras, lighting, and audio equipment. 

7. Mobile Food Trucks

Mobile food trucks are in trend these days. While the idea might seem fascinating, the power supply issue for kitchen equipment remains there. However, if one can invest in a portable power station, one can efficiently run a mobile food truck. 

All the necessary kitchen equipment, including refrigerators, electric stoves, electric grills, and blenders, can be powered with a portable power station. 

Portable Solar Power Station Vs. Traditional Generators?

Given the diverse applications and unparalleled benefits of portable energy stations, a question arises in your mind. Do they outperform traditional diesel/gas generators? 

The investment must be worth every penny when one is making a major shift from gas generators to portable energy stations. Otherwise, it might only be a waste of money and resources. Let's break down some facts that'll clear the concerns regarding the competitiveness of portable power stations over traditional generators. 

1. Eco-Friendly

Portable power stations are planet-friendly devices utilizing renewable energy sources like solar panels. Ultimately, they don't emit harmful pollutants into the environment.

On the other hand, diesel/gas generators harness finite fossil fuel reserves and release toxic emissions into the environment. Such emissions aid in the depletion of the ozone layer, global warming, air pollution, and adverse climate changes. So, shifting towards solar generators means moving towards a clean and green future. 

2. Minimal Noise Pollution 

18.4 per cent of the UK population[4] suffers from misophonia (sensitivity towards different noises). Traditional diesel generators produce heavy noise. However, a significant noise reduction can be witnessed with portable energy stations. 

So, noise pollution can be minimised significantly by preferring portable energy stations over traditional generators. This way, one can expect revolution positively toward a healthy environment and society. 

3. User-Centric

Portable power stations offer a user-centric approach. Their working interface is seamless, with multiple power outlets and charging options. Their interface works on the simple mechanism of plugging in and plugging out. However, that's different from traditional generators.

Traditional generators have a complex interface which makes it time-consuming to operate them. They require proper maintenance, manual startup, and fuel refills. Their maintenance requires frequent oil changes, which is a challenging task. 

4. Safe and Sound 

Regarding safety, traditional generators are not as safe as portable solar-powered plants. Traditional generators emit harmful pollutants into the environment because they utilise fossil fuels to produce electric energy. High explosion risks and carbon monoxide poisoning is associated with traditional generators. The latter is more deadly because one can't see or smell it. 

Such risks are invalid when it comes to portable power stations. No explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning risks exist as they don't utilise combustible fuels. On top of that, there are no associated hazards of burns because portable power station's don't emit hot exhaust gasses. 

5. Cost-Effective 

Initially, buying a portable energy station might seem like a heavy investment, but in the long term, it's extremely cost-effective. The main reason is the independency from expensive fuel refills associated with traditional generators. 

So, power stations might be expensive to purchase, but they offer low operational costs. Maintaining a diesel generator can break the bank considering the unreliable price fluctuations in fossil fuels. 

6. Versatility 

Power stations offer flexibility and versatility. Their multiple power outlets allow them to power an unlimited range of equipment and devices. 

In terms of gas/diesel generators, there's no versatility in power outlets. Additional equipment and converters are required with traditional generators to make them work for multiple appliances. 

Traditional generators have benefits over solar energy generators in terms of extended runtime. However, portable power generators are still far better than traditional generators as they offer unparalleled benefits that can be accomplished otherwise. 

Portable power generators offering unparalleled benefits

Jackery: A Reliable Portable Power Station Supplier

Buying a portable power station is an important decision as it involves heavy investment. Various solar energy generators are available in the market, but only a handful can be trusted to be reliable. One of them is the solar power generators by Jackery. Two top picks from our portable power stations are discussed below: 

● Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro


Jackery Solar generator 1000 Pro with an ultra-fast charging system

Jackery Solar generator 1000 Pro comes with an ultra-fast charging system and output power of 1000W. It takes only 1.8 hrs to charge fully. It can be charged via traditional wall outlets or four pcs of 200W solar panels.

Its dual-sided solar reflection makes it compatible with 2 pcs of 80W solar panels, which boosts its power production efficiency by 25 per cent. Its foldable design makes it compact, lightweight, and easy to carry.

Its noise production is limited to 46dB only. This is an additional feature that contributes to a healthy environment. The three different LED modes comprising low, high light, and SOS, offer clear visibility during night and emergency circumstances. Lastly, it comes with a warranty of a minimum of 3 to 5 years which means the heavy investment will never go in vain.  


● Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro


Jackery Solar generator 2000 Pro offering a massive capacity

Jackery Solar generator 2000 Pro offers a massive capacity of 2160 Wh and output power of 2200W. This capacity is huge enough to power appliances like air and electric heaters.

Higher battery capacity doesn't mean that it takes too long to charge. It takes a maximum of 2.5 hrs to charge fully, and the duration is reduced if charging is done via an AC wall outlet. Its premium quality lithium battery guarantees the utmost safety and reliability due to incorporated temperature core detectors.

Jackery's solar power generator 2000 Pro is easy to navigate, versatile, and energy efficient. Powering up and charging heavy equipment is as simple as pressing one button. This version also offers a minimum warranty of 3 to 5 years.


In light of the above facts, portable energy stations have made it possible to achieve and live a sustainable lifestyle. From cost-effectiveness, versatility, and safety to minimising noise pollution, no toxic emissions, and a seamless interface, the benefits of portable solar-powered stations cannot be denied.

When buying a portable power station from a reliable company, Jackery has to be the most trustworthy option. We are transparent in our policies and have a customer-centric approach. Jackery has a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free warranty extension policy to ensure that not even a single penny will go to waste when buying our solar generators.

In addition, our company’s free & fast delivery, along with lifetime customer support, signifies that customers are our foremost priority. What's great about Jackery is that we prioritize the environment. Our focus is on creating a sustainable future through climate solutions.