RV News Review: Supplier Engineers New Solar Generator

This article was originally published on RV News.

Jackery released a new Solar Generator 2000 Plus to fulfill consumer’s growing needs for green energy.

According to Jackery, the Solar Generator 2000 Plus is designed for consumers seeking to enjoy more freedom and energy independence. It is optimized with a noise-free charging process. The maximum noise level is capped at 53 decibels and under 30 decibels at room temperature—equivalent to the noise in a library.

Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells enable a single device to reach a 10-year service life, and the battery level can remain at 70% after 4,000 charge cycles.

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus can output 3,000 watts, which can be doubled to 6,000 watts with two devices combined. The company markets an add-on battery pack to increase the generator’s capacity. Additional batteries store excess solar energy generated during peak sunlight hours.

Supplier Engineers New Solar Generator

The Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus solar panels integrate Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) technology into their structure, achieving a conversion efficiency rate of up to 25%. IBC technology also allows for up to six connected Jackery Solar Saga 200-watt devices to fully charge in only two hours.

With better energy conversion and charging efficiency, consumers do not have to worry about sunlight conditions, Jackery said.

Jackery’s patented intelligent ChargeShield system/Step Charge fast charging technology boosts battery life by 50% compared with more uniform charging algorithms, the company said. This is accomplished by increasing cycle times by 50% once the battery reaches 70% battery health. This dynamic algorithm also prevents overheating during the charging process, addressing safety concerns related to lithium precipitation caused by high current charging at low temperatures.

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