Solar Powered Flood Lights: Can Solar Generator Power Flood Lights

Stepping outside on a warm winter evening can turn into a horrible experience when you know the only thing that will greet you is darkness. Fumbling for a light button in the dark or navigating your way without tripping becomes tedious. Fortunately, solar-powered flood lights offer a simple and affordable solution for illuminating your outdoor spaces. It's an easy-to-use and powerful way to experience a new world of illumination.

The power consumed by solar floodlights will depend on their size and type. For instance, an LED flood light consumes nearly 6-8W, whereas incandescent light power consumption is around 50-150W. Jackery Solar Generators are designed to meet the different power needs of the user. With a battery capacity of 293Wh, Jackery Solar Generator 240 is capable of charging all types of flood lights for long hours.

Jackery Solar Generator 240


jackery solar generator 240



Capacity: 240Wh (14.4V, 16.8Ah)

Weight: 6.6 lbs

Compact and portable design

Fast recharge, safe, and convenient

Can charge all the small appliances

What Is Solar Powered Flood Light?

Light sources powered by clean, safe, and pollution-free solar energy are termed solar-powered flood lights. They are widely used to illuminate tunnels, factories, landscapes, urban homes, airports, ports, highways, buildings, outdoor areas, etc.


Solar-powered flood lights consist of a solar panel and a rechargeable battery that works in tandem to supply charge.

During the day, the solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into usable electricity. The rechargeable battery then stores the generated electricity to power the light source at night.

Besides, the system has a solar controller to protect the overall solar structure and ensure efficiency. It prevents the battery from overcharging and over-discharging. Furthermore, it protects the LED flood lights from instances like output short circuits and output open circuits.

How Does A Solar Powered Flood Light Work?

Solar photovoltaic panels absorb solar energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy. Through the solar controller, the generated electricity is stored in a rechargeable battery.

At night, the light intensity from the sun and the panel's voltage decrease. At a specific voltage, the solar controller controls the battery charging by solar panels and allows current to charge the floodlights. The supply from the battery to the light source starts until dawn arrives.

There are four main working modes of solar LED flood lights, including:

Manual Working Mode: A remote controller lets you control the working of solar flood lights.

Dimming Working Mode: It is a time-controlled on/off method that automatically turns on the light at night and off during the morning.

Human Body Induction Dimming Mode: Integrated with body motion sensors, the dimming mode detects the human body movement and automatically adjusts the light to total power output when there is motion.

Constant Brightness Working Mode: In this mode, the light works with constant brightness continuously.

how does a solar powered flood light work

How Many Watts Does A Flood Light Use?

The number of watts the solar flood light uses will depend on its type, size, and capacity.

Incandescent Flood Lights

This type of flood light is the cheapest to purchase but the least energy-efficient. Nevertheless, they are suitable solar flood lights that cover a wide area.

Lifespan: 1,200 hours

Watts: 60W

Kilo-Watts: 3258 kWh/year

Annual Operating Cost: $328.59 per year

Compact Fluorescent Flood Light

Compared to incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent flood lights are more energy efficient. They emit a warm and soft glow rather than heat.

Lifespan: 8,000 hours

Watts: 13-15W

Kilo-Watts: 767 kWh/year

Annual Operating Cost: $76.65 per year

LED Flood Lights

LED is a widely used energy-efficient outdoor light for homes and businesses. It is affordable and has a long lifespan compared to other types of solar-powered flood lights available on the market.

Lifespan: 50,000 hours

Watts: 6-8W

Kilo-Watts: 329 kWh/year

Annual Operating Cost: $32.85/year

How Much Solar Power Does A Flood Light Need?

The solar power consumed by solar-powered flood lights will depend on the watts and the hours you use them. Below are the three main types of floodlights, the wattage required, and the solar power needed to operate them.

Flood Lights


Length of Time

Solar Power Needed





Compact Fluorescent








Jackery Solar Generators For Flood Lights

Solar flood lights are a clean and cost-effective way to power outdoor spaces. But many people don't realize these lights do not work efficiently in low sunlight or cloudy days. In this case, you can trust the versatility and efficiency of the solar generator. Jackery is the leading manufacturer of solar panels and power banks to charge flood lights and other appliances effectively.

Jackery Solar Generator 500

It's a compact, lightweight, and emission-free solar energy source helping homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts power their small appliances. It features a battery capacity of 518Wh to provide stable power to mainstream electronics.

jackery solar generator 500




Flood Light Watts

Working Hours

Solar Generator 500

518Wh (21.6V, 24Ah)


AC Output: 110VAC, 60Hz, 500W (1000W Surge)

USB-A Output: 5V, 2.4A

Car Output: 12V, 10A

DC Output: 12V, 7A

DC Input: 12V-30V (100W Max)

Incandescent: 50W-150W

Compact Fluorescent: 13W-15W

LED: 6W-8W

Incandescent: 3-9H

Compact Fluorescent: 29-33H

LED: 55-73H

Jackery Solar Generator 240

The clean and quiet Jackery Solar Generator 240 is easy to carry around. You can charge different types of floodlights for long hours using the all-in-one portable power station.




Flood Light Watts

Working Hours

Solar Generator 240

240Wh (14.4V, 16.8Ah)



AC Output: 110V, 60Hz, 200W (400W Surge Peak)

USB-A Output: 5V, 2.4A

Car Output: 12V, 10A

DC Input: 12V-30V (65W Max)

Incandescent: 50W-150W

Compact Fluorescent: 13W-15W

LED: 6W-8W

Incandescent: 1-4H

Compact Fluorescent: 13-15H

LED: 25-34H

Solar Powered Flood Lights Vs. Solar Generator For Flood Lights

You have two solar options when it comes to powering your outdoor light bulbs — a solar-powered flood light or investing in a robust solar generator. Let us understand how the two methods differ.





Solar Powered Flood Lights

- Simple and quick installation.

- Combines solar panels, a  solar controller, and a battery.

- Different sizes and types of solar flood lights are available.

- Clean and renewable energy.

- Affordable choice.

- Does not cause any pollution.

- May not work efficiently during cloudy days.

- Bad weather can hamper the working of the solar lights.

- Less lifespan compared to solar generators of high quality.  

Solar Generator for Flood Lights

- Combines solar panels and portable power stations.

- Does not have any moving parts.

- Does not use any fuel to work.

- Can power flood lights for long hours.

- Suitable to power a wide range of home or outdoor appliances.

- Helps you save on high electricity bills.

- Do not emit fumes or noise while working.

- Can effectively work during cloudy days, bad weather, and at night.

- Portable for outdoor activities.

- Some large-capacity solar generators require a high initial investment.

Solar Powered Flood Lights

Solar flood lights are an excellent option to brighten your sidewalk or illuminate your driveway. You can install them in any area that has no electrical outlets. It uses a combination of solar panels, a solar controller, and a rechargeable battery to light up any space.


  • LED flood lights are energy and cost-efficient.
  • Free from toxic materials and recyclable.
  • Some lights feature motion sensors to regulate the light amount depending on the movement of people.


    • It may not produce high power.
    • The use of solar energy is limited to flood lights.
    • It may not work efficiently during cloudy days.

      Solar Generator For Flood Lights

      Contrary to a solar-powered flood light, a solar generator allows you to charge multiple devices by capturing, storing, and distributing power from the sun. Jackery Solar Generators are the perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor appliances. From light sources to refrigerators and other outdoor devices, you can power anything with durable power generators.

      jackery solar generator 300


      • No fuel cost is required, making it cost-effective.
      • High-capacity solar generators can power multiple other appliances, including lights, mini coolers, laptops, etc.
      • Requires little to no maintenance as there are no moving parts.


        • Involves high upfront investment

        Solar Powered Flood Lights FAQs

        What size of solar generator do I need to power a flood light?

        Calculating the size of the solar generator will depend on the watts and lumens required by flood lights.

        Let's say you want to power the LED flood lights that consume around 6-8 watts of power using Jackery Solar Generator 240 with a battery capacity 240Wh.

        Working Time = Capacity in Wh * 0.85 / Operating watts of lights

        Working Time = 240Wh * 0.85 / 6W = 34 hours.

        That means Jackery Solar Generator 240 will allow you to power a LED light bulb for 34 hours. If you use 5 LED lights of 6W each, you can power them for nearly 7 hours.

        Note: As there will be some loss of power while working, we multiply the capacity by 0.85.

        How many lumens do I need for the outdoor flood light?

        Lumens are the light output of the fixture that indicates the brightness of the light. The more the lumen rating, the higher the brightness of the solar flood light.

        • Small lights: 100 lumens
        • Motion-activated lights: 300-600 lumens
        • High-power outdoor lights: 1000-3000 lumens

          How long do solar floodlights last?

          The high-quality LED commercial-grade solar lights can last years, depending on the construction quality. However, the batteries in outdoor solar lights generally require replacement after 5-6 years.

          Are solar floodlights worth it?

          Though solar floodlights are a great addition to any home or outdoor space, they cannot match the capabilities of a solar generator. Jackery is one of the top sellers of solar generators, offering high-quality products at an affordable price. Not only can you power floodlights with the generator, but it is also a portable solution to charge other outdoor devices.

           are solar flood lights worth it

          Final Thoughts

          Solar appliances are taking over the market as they are a clean and renewable energy source. Even though solar-powered flood lights let you eliminate high electricity bills, low temperatures and short sunlight hours reduce their efficiency. In addition, they may not work effectively during bad weather.

          On the contrary, a powerful solar generator offers reliable energy for long hours. Jackery is the pioneer in selling different sizes and capacities of solar generators. For example, Jackery Solar Generator 500 can power a wide range of appliances, including floor lights, fans, mini coolers, etc.

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