Ultimate Guide to Kayaking Accessories & Gear

It's time to go for an unforgettable kayaking adventure. But you must know that it's crucial to carry easy-to-follow gear and accessories. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned paddler, carry the right equipment with you. Another must-have accessory you must carry with you is the appropriate power station for emergency recharging devices in case of any issues with kayaking accessories.  

Must-Have Kayaking Accessories & Gear

To head on an unforgettable kayaking adventure, you must carry easy-to-follow gear and accessories. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned paddler you must focus to make your kayaking experiences safer, more enjoyable, and stress-free.

From the essential must-haves like kayaks, paddles, and life jackets (PFDs) to specialised gear for different kayak types, we've got you covered. The PDF guide will provide valuable tips on choosing the right gear for various seasons, ensuring you're prepared to face any weather conditions.

Basic Kayaking Accessories & Gear

Basic Kayaking Accessories & Gear are essential to carry with you whenever you are out on a trip. Below is the list of accessories for Kayaking:

  • Kayak
  • Bilge pump
  • Signalling whistle
  • Dry bag for personal items
  • Paddle (1 per paddler), plus spare
  • Spray skirt (for cold weather/water)
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD) (1 per paddler)
  • Headlamp/light with extra batteries (in case you're out after dusk)

In order to charge accessories, you must keep a backup option with you. For this reason, Jackery Brings the most powerful portable power stations.

Kayaking Accessories

Jackery Explorer Power Stations and Suitable Power Station for Kayaking:

Jackery Explorer power stations offer a convenient power solution for kayaking trips. Among them, the Jackery Explorer 240 is a versatile and compact power station. It is designed to provide electricity for various electronic devices while on the water.

Jackery Explorer 240 Specs





  1 AC Outputs: 230V, 200W (400W Peak) for larger electronics or appliances.

 USB-A Output: 5V, 2.4A for charging smartphones, tablets, or other small devices.

  Car Port: 12V, 10A for charging devices with a car adapter.

Recharge Time:

 Jackery SolarSaga 100W: Approximately 5.5 hours under direct sunlight.

 Wall Outlet: Approximately 5.5 hours


6.6 pounds (approx.)

What are Basic Kayaking Accessories?

Basic kayaking accessories are the essential gear required for safe and enjoyable kayaking experiences. These accessories provide comfort, convenience, and safety during your kayaking adventures. Some of the basic kayaking accessories include:

  • Kayak: The primary equipment for kayaking, available in various styles suitable for different water conditions and purposes.
  • Paddle: Each kayaker should have a paddle, and carrying a spare paddle is recommended in case of loss or damage.
  • Personal Flotation Device (PFD):Also known as a life jacket, a PFD is crucial for safety and buoyancy in case of accidental immersion in water.
  • Bilge Pump:An essential tool for removing excess water from the kayak's interior to keep it dry and stable.
  • Spray Skirt:Especially useful in cold weather or rough waters, a spray skirt covers the cockpit area, preventing water from entering the kayak.
  • Dry Bag:A waterproof bag to safeguard personal items, such as clothing, food, and electronics, from water exposure.
  • Headlamp/Light with Extra Batteries:Important for visibility during low-light conditions or if you plan to be out after dusk.
  • Signalling Whistle: A loud whistle for emergency communication and signalling in case of distress.

Having these basic kayaking accessories ensures you are well-prepared and equipped to enjoy a safe and comfortable kayaking experience.

Kayaking Clothing Accessories & Gear

When it comes to kayaking, proper clothing and gear are essential to ensure comfort, protection, and safety during your paddling adventures. Here is a list of kayaking clothing accessories and gear to consider:

1) Kayaking Paddle Jacket:

A kayaking paddle jacket is designed to keep you dry and protected. It is typically made of waterproof material to prevent water from entering.

2) Wetsuit or Drysuit (Depending on Water Temperature):

For colder waters, a wetsuit or drysuit is essential to keep you warm and insulated. While a dry suit offers full-body waterproof protection, ensuring you stay dry even if you accidentally capsize.

3) Paddling Gloves:

Paddling gloves offer grip and protection for your hands while paddling.

4) Water Shoes or Neoprene Booties:

Water shoes or neoprene booties are comfortable and provide good traction for walking on wet and slippery surfaces.

5) Quick-Drying Clothing:

Choose quick-drying, moisture-wicking clothing to wear under your paddle jacket or dry suit.

6) Sun Hat or Cap:

Wear a sun hat or cap to protect your face and eyes from the sun's glare.

7) Sunglasses with Retainer:

Choose Polarised sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays and reduce glare on the water.

8) Sunscreen:

Apply waterproof sunscreen to exposed skin areas to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, even on cloudy days.

9) Personal Flotation Device (PFD):

PFD is a very essential clothing accessory for kayaking. Make sure to choose the one that fits you properly.

9) Towel:

A small, quick-drying towel is essential to wipe off water or to dry yourself after paddling.

By wearing appropriate clothing and using the right gear, you can fully enjoy your kayaking experience. Moreover, you will be safe and sound while kayaking by carrying all this stuff with you.

Kayaking Repair & Personal Accessories

You must also keep the repair and personal accessories for extra safety during Kayaking. These include:

1) First Aid Kit:

Keep a basic first aid kit for any minor injuries that may occur during your kayaking trip.

2) Hydration Pack:

You must also take a hydration pack with you to stay hydrated during long paddling sessions.

3) Repair Kit:

A repair kit will help you with on-the-spot repairs to your kayak. It typically includes items like a kayak repair patch, PVC or nylon material, adhesive sealant, and a repair tool.

4) Multi-Tool:

A multi-tool, such as a Swiss Army knife or a kayaking-specific tool. It usually includes pliers, screwdrivers, a knife, a bottle opener, and other useful tools.

5) Kayak Float Bags:

Kayak float bags are inflatable bags that fit into the kayak's bow and stern. These float bags help keep your kayak afloat and make it easier to rescue the kayak.

6) Kayak Carrying Straps:

Kayak Carrying Straps are essential for transporting your kayak from the car to the water. They provide a comfortable grip and distribute the weight of the kayak.

7) Emergency Whistle:

An emergency whistle is a loud signalling device. It helps to send a signal for help if needed.

8) Navigation Tools:

For longer kayaking trips or more remote locations, navigation tools like maps, a compass, or a GPS device are crucial.

Carry all these essentials with you to avoid any inconvenience while going on adventurous trips.

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Recreational Kayaking Accessories & Gear

Recreational kayaking is a popular and enjoyable activity that requires specific accessories and gear to enhance your comfort. It also helps in safety and overall experience. Here's a list of recreational kayaking accessories and their explanations:

1) Paddle and Paddle Leash:

A reliable paddle is essential for steering your kayak. Choose a paddle appropriate for the height and width of your kayak.

Paddle Leash ensures you always have control of your paddle during paddling breaks or when taking photos.

2) Spray Skirt:

A spray skirt is useful, especially in cooler weather. It covers the cockpit, reducing water entry and helping to keep you dry.

3) Dry Bag:

A dry bag is a waterproof bag used to store personal items and gear. It is essential for keeping clothes, electronics, and food dry.

4) Bilge Pump:

A bilge pump helps in removing water that may accumulate in the kayak's cockpit. It ensures a drier and safer kayaking experience.

These recreational accessories for kayaking will help you to have an enjoyable and safe experience on the water.

Touring Kayaking Accessories & Gear

Touring kayaking involves longer trips and journeys to remote locations. To ensure comfort, and safety, for extended touring adventures, specific accessories and gear are essential. Here's a list of touring accessories for kayaking and their explanations:

1) Kayak Cart:

A touring kayak can be heavier due to increased storage capacity. A kayak cart allows you to transport your kayak more easily.

2) Kayak Deck Bag:

A kayak deck bag provides additional storage space within arm's reach. It allows you to access essential items quickly.

3) Camping Gear:

For multi-day touring trips, bring camping gear, including a lightweight tent, sleeping bag, and cooking equipment. Try to choose compact camping gear for longer travel.

Touring kayaking accessories and gear will help you enhance your touring experience. Proper preparation and the right equipment will enable you to explore remote locations comfortably and safely.

Kayaking Fishing Accessories & Gear

Kayak fishing is a popular activity that requires specialised accessories and gear to enhance your fishing experience. Here's a list of kayaking fishing accessories and their explanations:

1) Fishing Rod Holders:

Fishing rod holders are essential for securely holding your fishing rods while paddling. There are various types, including flush-mount rod holders and adjustable rod holders. Choose the one that suits you.

2) Fishing Tackle Box:

A fishing tackle box allows you to organise and store fishing lures, hooks, and lines. Choose a compact and waterproof tackle box to keep your fishing gear well-protected and safe.

3) Anchor Trolley System:

An anchor trolley system will help you kayak from any position. It allows for precise positioning, so you can focus on fishing in specific areas effectively.

4) Fishing Nets:

A landing net is essential for safely landing and releasing fish. Choose a net with a long handle and quality netting material to avoid harming the fish.

These kayaking fishing accessories and gear will help you enjoy a successful and enjoyable fishing experience while paddling on your kayak.

How to Choose Best Kayaking Accessories

Kayaking accessories are essential for enhancing your comfort, and safety, while paddling on the water. Here's a comprehensive buying guide to help you choose the best kayaking accessories:

1. Quality and Durability:

Invest in high-quality accessories from reputable brands. Choose those materials that are known for their durability and performance on the water.

2. Waterproof and Water-Resistant Features:

Since kayaking involves exposure to water, choose waterproof or water-resistant accessories. It will protect your gear, electronics, and personal belongings from getting wet.

3. Storage and Organization:

Choose those accessories that have sufficient storage and organisation capabilities. Choose those gear bags, kayak deck bags, or compartments in PFDs that allow you to keep essentials dry and within easy reach.

4. Safety and Visibility:

Safety should be a top priority. Select bright-coloured or reflective accessories to enhance your visibility on the water. Also, choose personal safety gear like whistles and signalling devices.

5. Budget Considerations:

Set a budget and first buy the essential accessories first. Always look for budget-friendly options available.

By following this buying guide with your specific needs and preferences, you can confidently choose the best kayaking accessories.

What Size of Power Station Do I Need for My Kayaking

A portable power station is an important accessory for kayaking. It is a reliable and convenient power source that allows you to keep your essential electronics charged and functional. With a power station, you can power devices like GPS units, smartphones, cameras, fish finders, and even small electric pumps.

Introducing Jackery Explorer Portable Power Stations:

Jackery offers a range of portable power stations designed to meet different power needs. They are known for their excellent build quality, advanced features, and reliability. The Jackery Power Station includes Explorer 240, Explorer 500, and Explorer 1000.

Why Choose Jackery Power Stations?

You may rely on Jackery Power Stations because:

  • They offer Quick AC Charging
  • Different options of Capacity and Power Output
  • Versatility featuring multiple output ports, including AC outlets, DC ports, carports, and USB ports
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Quiet Operation

How to Choose the Right Size for Kayaking?

Choosing the right size of the power station for kayaking depends on your power needs. Here's how to calculate the working hours for some kayaking electronics using the Jackery Explorer 240 as an example:

Explorer 240 Specifications:

Capacity: 240Wh

Inverter Output: 200W (400W Surge)

Formula= Capacity/ Wattage of device

Working Hours Calculation:

  • Phone (5W): 240Wh / 5W ≈ 40.8 hours
  • Fish Finder (2W): 240Wh / 2W ≈ 102 hours
  • Speaker (100W): 240Wh / 100W ≈ 2.04 hours
  • Electric Pump (100W): 240Wh / 100W ≈ 2.04 hours

Explorer 240 can power various kayaking electronics for several hours that can help you go on longer trips.

Jackery solar generator




Recharge Time

Kayaking Electrics

Explorer 500


 1*AC Output: 110V, 60Hz, 500W (1000W Surge)

 2*DC Output: 12V, 7A (9A max)

 1*Car Port: 12V, 10A

 3*USB-A Output: 5V, 2.4A (each)

 USB-C Output: PD 60W, 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V, 3A

SolarSaga 100W: 6.5H

 Electric Pump (100W): 5.18 hours

 Light (5W): 103.6 hours

 Speaker (100W): 5.18 hours

 Phone (5W): 103.6 hours

 GoPro (30W): 17.27 hours

 Fish Finder (2W): 259 hours

Explorer 1000


 3*AC Output: 110V, 60Hz, 1000W (2000W Surge)

 2*USB-A Output: 5V, 2.4A (each)

 USB-C Output: PD 60W, 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V, 3

 1*Car Port: 12V, 10A

 1*DC Output: 12V, 25A

SolarSaga 100W: 8H

 Electric Pump (100W): 10.02 hours

 Light (5W): 200.4 hours

 Speaker (100W): 10.02 hours

 Phone (5W): 200.4 hours

 GoPro (30W): 33.4 hours

 Fish Finder (2W): 501 hours

The table includes the detailed specifications for the Jackery Explorer 240, Explorer 500, and Explorer 1000 Portable Power Stations and their compatibility with various kayaking electronics.

Kayaking Tips

Here are some of the essential Kayaking Tips if you are going on adventure especially for the first time:

  • Keep It Calm
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Have Fun Safely
  • Practise Wet Exit
  • Wear PFD Always
  • Respect Marine Life
  • Paddle with Friends
  • Learn Basic Strokes
  • Choose Stable Kayak
  • Mind Water Conditions
  • Pack Essentials Wisely
  • Check Weather Forecast

By making sure to keep all these points in mind, you can have safe kayaking.

Kayaking Accessories & Gear FAQs

1) What should I wear during kayaking?

Comfortable Paddling Attire that can keep you dry and helps in easy navigation.

2) What should not be done while kayaking?

Never Stand in Kayak, do not overspeed, no overloading and never take off the life jacket.

3) Is Jackery's portable power station worth it for kayaking?

Yes, for all Electronics you are carrying with you.

Final Thoughts

Kayaking Accessories & Gear must be considered important for an unforgettable adventure. You must have from must-have basics to specialised gear.  To overcome any inconvenience, make sure to bring Jackery Explorer power stations. They will be a perfect backup for you to recharge all your electronic devices.

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