Can Solar Generator Power Coffee Maker?

If you like savoring your morning coffee, then just imagine doing so while taking in the scenery and crisp air of a breathtaking camping view, and you will quickly understand why a coffee maker is a must to bring along with you on your trip. It's also a good way to help get up and going for an exciting day of outdoor activities.

You don't have to worry about being limited to just the typical portable camp coffee makers that may or may not be designed to bring out the best in your potion because the Jackery solar generator makes powering your favorite coffee maker possible.

This way, you can still enjoy the tasty flavors you've come to appreciate in your usual cup of Joe for a happy morning, even when away from home.

enjoy your tasty flavors with a portable coffee maker

Portable Coffee Maker for Camping

There are many types of portable coffee makers that enable you to still enjoy your electricity-powered made brew during your camping trip, provided you have a solar generator with an AC outlet.

Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Portable drip coffee makers- These are smaller, usually single-cup serving models, of your favorite drip coffee machines that more easily fit into your camping gear to take with you.
  • Portable electrical Moka pots- These pots enable you to make fresh espresso anywhere and in about 10 minutes without the need for a stovetop like traditional Moka pots. Instead, it uses an electric hot plate to do its magic.
  • Portable pod coffee makers- These coffee makers are the same extravagant versions as your home machine but with a space-saving design that enables you to enjoy single-cup servings of your favorite pod coffee when camping and more.
  • Portable electric coffee percolators- These are smaller, electrical versions of the stove top percolator version but with their own plug for added convenience.
  • Electric French Press coffee makers- These are equipped with an electrical heating element that enables you to simply add water to the machine for it to heat before adding the grounds. Thus, eliminating the need to have to boil the water in a separate pot and then add your coffee.
  • Electric Kettles - These are great for making all other types of coffee that simply require adding boiling water, such as pour-over coffee, to help save on fuel costs.

Solar Powered Coffee Maker

Jackery Solar Generators are a great way to power your portable coffee maker for camping, as well as any other small electronics or appliances you might need to bring along. The main advantage of using a solar generator is that it's a renewable and eco-friendly source of energy, which means it won't run out and it doesn't produce harmful emissions.

There are several different types and sizes of solar generators available at Jackery, so you'll need to decide which one is right for you based on the type of camping you'll be doing and what other electronics or appliances you might need to power.

Jackery solar generator for coffee maker in camping

For example, if you're car camping and don't plan on moving your campsite much, then a larger and heavier solar generator might not be a problem. However, if you're backpacking or doing any type of camping where you'll need to carry your gear for long distances, then a lighter-weight solar generator would be best.

Jackery Solar Generator

Coffee Maker Watts


Jackery Solar Generator 1000 (Explorer 1000 + SolarSaga 100W)



Jackery Solar Generator 500 (Explorer 500 + SolarSaga 100W)



How Many Watts to Run a Coffee Maker

Because there are so many variants on the market, all with different functions and designs, coffee maker wattage varies considerably. If you have a modest small coffee maker, expect an energy consumption between 500 and 1200 watts.

A small drip coffee maker uses 550 to 900 watts, while a larger model consumes 750 to 1200 watts. A single-serve brewer with coffee capsules requires 900 to 1500 watts of power. Lastly, an automatic espresso machine needs between 1000 and 1500 watts.

It's also worth noting that any coffee maker that can keep water hot and lets you brew coffee any time you want will use at least 60 watts per hour to maintain a hot temperature. Jackery Solar Generators have different wattage outputs depending on the model, so be sure to check the product specs before choosing one.

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 is one of the most popular models and can provide plenty of power for running a coffee maker, as well as other small electronics or appliances. It has two AC outlets (1,000W), so you can easily plug in your coffee maker and any other devices you need.

How to choose the right Jackery model for your coffee machine?

Calculate using this formula:
Working time = 1002Wh * 0.85 / operating wattage of your device
For example, assuming the power consumption of your coffee machine is 550W. Working time will be 1002Wh * 0.85 / 550w = 1.5 hrs.
Please note: This is a rough calculation. The actual power consumption will vary based on different usages. If you remain unsure, please consult Jackery for a better purchase decision.


So for those of you who have ever put off camping, thinking you won't be able to still enjoy your morning cup of coffee while outdoors, hopefully, this left you feeling excited to know that you can.

And using the same version of the coffee maker you have at home but in a portable model that it's easier to carry and won't take up much space. Or you can even use a solar power generator coffee maker to help save energy and space.

All you need is a solar generator, such as the Jackery solar generator 1000, which is more than capable of powering both types of camping coffee makers and then some.

Since they utilize solar power, they provide a clean and renewable source of energy you can feel good about using to power your camping electronics.

They, too, are portable, so they don't take up much space and are also efficient enough to be charged themselves while also powering your devices.

So if you are eager to find out more about Jackery products, be sure to subscribe to their newsletters for exclusive deals and offers to stay in the know about their deals, sales, new products for camping, and more.