Solar Powered Bird Bath: Can Solar Generator Power A Bird Bath

Clean and right-temperature water is an important need for birds. When the weather gets chilly, an electric or solar-powered bird bath is a must-have for nature lovers. They keep the birds comfortable, attract birds and keep their water clean.

Solar-powered bird baths reduce the chances of mosquito breeding in water and inhibit the growth of water-borne pests and foul-smelling bacteria or algae. Since it is solar-powered, it is easy to maintain, cost-effective, and easy to install.

Solar Powered Bird Bath

What Is A Solar Powered Bird Bath

A solar-powered bird bath fountain is much like a regular one, but a solar panel powers it. The fountain pump runs through solar energy to circulate the water in the bird bath. They may even be equipped with solar LED lights. There are different types of solar-powered bird baths, including internal solar baths and external solar-powered bird baths, and then there is an option of a solar generator for a bird bath. External solar fountains can be bought separately and installed with the bird bath through wiring to make it a complete package.

Solar Powered Bird Bath VS. Solar Generator for Bird Bath

From a wider perspective, we can use solar power for bird baths in two ways. It can be either solar powered bird bath or a solar generator for a bird bath. Both are green and eco-friendly options and are very convenient to use. Let us review the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.




Built-in Solar Panel Birdbath

1. Space saving

2. Freedom of movement.

1. Smaller size.

2. Less working hours

External Solar Panel Birdbath

1. Can offer longer working time.

1. Need wiring.

2. Need to be placed near the power outlet.

3. Take more space

Solar Generator for Birdbath

1. Portable

2. Wider scope of uses.

3. Low maintenance and noise free.

4. Support other devices too.

5. Available in various specifications.

1. Limited power supply

Solar-Powered Bird Baths

A solar-powered bird bath fountain is available in two versions. A bird bath either has a built-in solar power generator or is connected to solar panels externally.

Built-in solar panel fountains

Built-in solar panels have the solar panel fixed directly in the fountain. The solar panels can float on the water or be fixed under it to receive sunlight during the day. They are convenient because they fit in small spaces and are more durable. You can switch them on and put them in the water body.

External solar panel fountains

External solar panel fountains provide solar energy through external solar panels attached through wiring. These panels can be fixed to a wall or the ground at an angle. However, these fountains take up more space. The advantages are that they may have internal batteries, which work even when the sun is not bright enough or at night.

Pros of Solar-Powered Fountains

  1. A solar-powered bird bathis eco-friendly and cost-effective.
  2. You can place them anywhere you want as there is no need for wiring or AC power outlets.
  3. They attract more birds as they move the water continuously.


  1. They can take their toll on solar panel components.
  2. Solar panels are difficult to replace.

Solar Generator for Bird Bath

A Solar generator is an electrical equipment that can produce energy using sunlight. It comprises solar panels, a charge controller, a battery, and an inverter. The solar panels convert sun energy into direct current (DC) electricity stored in the batteries. However, this DC electricity is not used as it is; it is converted into alternating current (AC) by the inverter. They have a wide range of uses because they are portable and can provide power in emergencies, camping, and off-grid setups.

Jackery Solar Generator for Bird Bath

Pros of Solar Generators

  1. Solar generators are portable, quiet, and low maintenance.
  2. They are very cost-effective because they provide free and renewable energy.
  3. Solar generators are eco-friendly, with no fossil fuel use, no pollution, and nearly zero carbon footprint.
  4. They also provide other charging options, including AC outlets, car charging, and charging outlets.

Cons of Solar Generators

  1. There is a limited power supply depending on the solar generator's specifications. However, the Jackery solar generators come in various wattage options; you can choose one according to your requirement.

How Many Watts Does A Bird Bath Use

The wattage usage of a bird bath depends on many factors, including the running time and the specifications of the bird bath. However, it is important to review some terms related to power and electricity quickly.

Watts (W): 

Power is the energy consumed by a piece of electric equipment. It is measured in watts and calculated by multiplying voltage and amperes.

W = V x A

Watt-hour (Wh):

Watt-hours measure the capacity of the battery. It is calculated by multiplying the amp hours by the battery voltage.

Wh = Amp-hours x Voltage

How Much Does It Cost to Power A Bird Bath

An average heated bird bath uses 50-80 watts of power. So, if we take an average cost of  7-8 cents/kilowatt-hour, then a 50-watt bird bath would cost about 10 cents/day and eventually about $3/month when it runs non-stop. However, if you power it on or it is thermostatically controlled and only works when needed, your cost can be even low, like  $1.50/month or even less.

How Much Solar Power Does A Bird Bath Need

How much solar power a bird bath needs depends on the equipment's wattage and how long it is used. The following table presents a quick review of the power consumption of different solar-powered bird baths depending on the specifications.



Length of Time

Daily Power Consumption

Plastic Solar Birdbath


8 h

600 Watt-Hours

Wood Solar Birdbath


8 h

480 Watt-Hours

Floating Solar Birdbath


8 h

20 Watt-Hours

Jackery Solar Generator for Bird Bath

A portable solar generator is a great option for your power needs. Since they are portable, you can use them for camping, off-grid, and power outage emergencies. They are also better for powering your bird bath with solar power. When you buy a solar generator, you can use them in a variety of situations and also power multiple devices simultaneously.  

The Jackery solar generators are available in various specifications depending on capacity and specifications. These generators are popular for efficiency, reliability, and durability because they charge fast, are safe and secure without fluctuations, and are quiet.

The Jackery solar generators are available in larger capacities output, i.e., 3000, 2000, 1500, and 1000 Watt. Then there are also smaller solar generators that are very economical and generate around 500 to 240 watt-hours.

Jackery Solar Generator 500

Jackery Explorer 500 is a rechargeable solar generator with lithium battery backup that offers a pure sine wave 500-watt AC outlet. It guarantees a smooth power supply for AC-powered equipment, i.e., TVs, projectors, coffee machines, and radios.

jackery 500

Jackery Solar Generator 240

Jackery Explorer 240 has a 240-watt-hour capacity with 16.8Ah and 14.4V supported by a lithium-ion battery pack. Again, this solar generator comes with multiple input and output ports, so you have options for both charging and powering up your devices. The LED display shows you the charging and battery life status, making usage very convenient.

jackery 240

Following is a summarized list of various Jackery solar generators, their specifications, and how long they can power your bird bath. It is important to note that we are only considering 85% of the offered generator capacity for the accuracy of the time duration estimate. We expect some loss of power during operation and transmission.




Bird Bath Watts

Working Hours

Jackery Solar Generator 240


AC Output:

USB-A Output:

Car Output:

DC Input:

Plastic Solar Birdbath 75W

2.72 H

Wood Solar Birdbath 60W

3.4 H

Floating Solar Birdbath 2.5W

81.6 H

Jackery Solar Generator 500


AC Output:

USB-A Output:

Car Output:

DC Output:

DC Input

Plastic Solar Birdbath 75W

5.8 H

Wood Solar Birdbath 60W

7.3 H

Floating Solar Birdbath 2.5W

176 H

Jackery Solar Generator 1000


AC Output:

USB-A Output:

Quick Charge 3.0 Output:

USB-C Output:

Car Output:

DC Input:

Plastic Solar Birdbath 75W

11.4 H

Wood Solar Birdbath 60W

14 H

Floating Solar Birdbath 2.5W

340 H

Jackery Solar Generator 1500


AC Output:

USB-A Output:

Quick Charge 3.0 Output:

USB-C Output:

Car Output:

DC Input:

Plastic Solar Birdbath 75W

17 H

Wood Solar Birdbath 60W

21.7 H

Floating Solar Birdbath 2.5W

521 H

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro


AC Output:

USB-A Output:

USB-C Output:

Car Port:

AC Input:

DC Input:

Plastic Solar Birdbath 75W

24.5 H

Wood Solar Birdbath 60W

30.6 H

Floating Solar Birdbath 2.5W

734 H

Solar Powered Bird Bath FAQs

1. What size of solar generator do I need to power a bird bath?

The required size of a solar generator depends on how many devices you want to run on the generator and for how long? So, if you want to run various devices with your solar-powered bird bath, you might choose Jackery 2000 Pro, 1500 Pro, and 1000 Pro. Even the Jackery solar generator 240 will be enough for smaller needs. Interestingly, you can also calculate the working hours for your device on the solar generator as follows.

Working time = Capacity Wh * 0.85 / operating wattage of your device

For example, suppose the power consumption of your bird bath is 50W.

A SG1000Pro Working time will be 1002Wh * 0.85 / 50w = 17 hrs.

Multiplication by 0.85 to incorporate around 10 to 15% capacity loss during operation and transmission.

2. How to choose the best solar-powered bird bath?

The factors that affect the choice of solar-powered bird bath are;

  1. Type of solar-powered bird bath. The types are fixed, floating, or separated.
  2. Pump size dictates what the water flow type and water pressure are.
  3. Solar panel used.
  4. The foundation depth.
  5. What material is used, i.e., wood, plastic, resin, ceramic, metal, glass, fiberglass, concrete, and stone?
  6. Does it have a battery backup?

3. Can a solar bird bath heat up the water?

A solar fountain bird bath can not necessarily heat the water, and you need a separate solar-powered water heater in the bath basin.

4. Is it worth using a solar generator to power a birdbath?

A solar generator is a great option for powering your birdbath because it has a wider scope. You can use it to power other devices with your birdbath simultaneously or even when you are not using it for a birdbath. Also, it offers pass-through charging; it will charge and power your equipment simultaneously, so time is well-spent.

Final Thoughts

A solar-powered bird bath is a great way to attract birds to your garden and make them comfortable. As we need to take care of our environment, it is critical to preserve nature, and bird baths are an easier way to support this cause. Since power is becoming very expensive, solar power is the best solution because it is eco-friendly. Alternatively, a solar generator can power your regular electric bird bath. We have reviewed the uses of Jackery solar generators above to give you an idea of choosing the best generator.