What To Do When Power Goes Out?

Power outages are common, especially in the areas that are prone to winter blizzards, hurricanes, summer storms, or anything in between. An extended power outage can leave you and your family in a perilous situation. 

Living for days without electricity can bring your life upside down. A clear understanding of what to do when the power goes out is essential to tackle the challenges. 

This ultimate guide will help you prepare a proper plan if you lack knowledge of what to do to survive a power outage. Read on and equip yourself and your family with emergency power outage essentials to avoid last-minute surprises. 

Prepare In Advance For A Power Outage 

For a sudden power cut, preparation is the key. Instead of wondering what to do in a power outage, plan ahead of time. 

The most essential thing you require in the dark is light. So, finalize a place where you will place all the emergency items. 

Keep flashlights, candles, and extra batteries handy, so you won't have to find them in the dark. 

A complete emergency power outage kit can go a long way during blackouts. So, have a well-assembled kit that includes batteries, medicines, blankets, hand warmers, etc. 

Get an energy source like a solar power generator that comes to the rescue during a blackout and other unforeseen situations. Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro/2000 Pro are green silent solar generators for powerless homes.  The high battery capacity can run most of all your small and large home appliances during a power cut.

what to do when power goes out

Jackery Portable Power Station can help avoid the thought of what to do with the fridge when the power goes out. Be it a refrigerator, computer, blender, projector, or TV, Jackery Solar Generator is your reliable power backup source. It won't be wrong to say if you have a Jackery Solar Generator, you are never out of power! 

What To Do During A Power Outage? 

There can be any reason for a power outage, including strong winds, ice, or lightning. Keep all the family members connected and safe in the house. 

If one of the family members is out, ask them to stay at a safe place and avoid driving on dark roads. Some precautionary measures you can follow, depending on the situation, are mentioned below. 

  1. What To Do When Power Goes Out?

If it happens suddenly, there are a few things you can follow. 

  • Figure Out The Reason - Your first step is to find out what's going on. Your first question should be power went out in my apartment only. Is the power outage affecting your entire area or just you? Once you know the reason, report the power outage to the higher authorities immediately. 
  • Stay Updated With News - If you have a battery-powered radio, turn it on. This will help you find the severity of the situation and stay updated. 
  • Unplug Your Appliances - Sudden fluctuations in light can harm sensitive devices like computers, TVs, and refrigerators. When the power goes out, immediately unplug them to prevent damage. 
  • Keep Your Family Members Safe - A power outage can make your family uncomfortable. Extreme hot or cold weather can affect children, pets, and older adults. That's why it's vital to wear more clothing if it's freezingy and turn on a battery-powered fan if it is hot. 
  • Find A Light Source - A flashlight could be a savior during a complete blackout. Even though candles are an option, they involve fire hazards. Instead of candles, go for a safe alternative like battery-powered lights. 
  1. What To Do During A Power Outage At Night? 

A no-notice blackout can ruin your night and wreck your following day. 

Understanding what to do when the power goes out at night can be tricky. However, the best way to deal with such events is to prioritize safety issues – food, lighting, and comfort. 

Here are our best survival tips to deal with a power outage at night. Check this list and keep yourself and your family safe. 

  • Cook And Eat - Your first step is to feed your family when there is dark outside. Eat only canned and non-perishable foods, as they can last for weeks/months and are safe from spoiling. 
  • Locate Safe Space - Choose a room according to the outside weather and stay with your family until the power is restored. If it is hot, stay in a room with windows for ventilation and cooling. 
  • Stay Warm - On the flip side, if it's cold outside, layer up with warm clothing and pick a room with no windows.
  • Avoid Burning Charcoal - Burning charcoal might keep you warm, but it has potential hazards. So, never burn charcoal or use ovens indoors while sleepingwhat to do during a power outage at night
  1. What To Do When Power Goes Out In Winter? 

Blackouts frequently happen in winter, and the severity will depend on where you live. Rain, heavy winds, sleet, etc., are some common causes of damaged power lines that lead to power outages. 

Below we have collated a list of steps you should follow during power outages in winter. 

  • Close Doors/Windows - The warmth of your home can escape when there is no heating device. To avoid heat escape in cold weather, you should close doors/windows immediately after a power cut. 
  • Layer Yourself - Children and old-aged people especially should layer themselves with proper clothing during the winter night. Wear a hat, cover your mouth with a scarf, put on gloves, and huddle under extra blankets to keep your body warm. 
  • Keep Your Refrigerator Closed - The refrigerator can keep food cold for at least 4 hours after a power cut. So, avoid opening the freezer unless necessary. 
  • Check Food Before Consuming - Food can spoil quickly during extended power outages. If the ice bag in the freezer melts, do not consume the perishable food. 
  1. What To Do When The Power Goes Out For Fun? 

Who says one cannot have fun when the power goes out? This is one of the best ways to keep your family happy and sane during the blackout. Spending time together away from electronic distractions is indeed a bonus. 

Look at your answer to what to do when the power goes out for fun. 

  • Play Games - Playing board games, puzzles, sudoku, word games, etc., are some best ways to relax your mind, have fun, and pass the time. 
  • Play Music - Music is indeed a stress buster. In a stressful situation like a power outage, a personal concert can make the mood lighter. 
  • Play Tic-tac-toe-Another addition to the game list is tic-tac-toe, especially when you don't have access to the board game. 

Plan For Future Power Outages

Once the electricity is back, keep a plan ready for your future power outage. Figure out which devices or appliances require electricity and how much. 

Purchase a backup solar generator, like Jackery solar generator, to charge your appliances during such circumstances. Depending on power needs, you can choose the generator capacity and model. 

Having a reliable source of power handy will ensure that you no longer have to worry about what to do when the power goes out. 


What Items Should You Have If The Power Goes Out?

There is no other way to deal with a blackout than to prepare a plan beforehand. Check out the list.

  • Get a solar power backup source, if you don't have one (Check out: Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro)
  • The stock of non-perishable foods like canned soup, dried foods, crackers, etc. 
  • Have an adequate supply of medications (that you use daily) and simple painkillers, allergic medicines, etc. 
  • Buy headlamps, flashlights, and other battery-powered devices to avoid running in the dark. 
  • Sleeping bags, candles, extra batteries, and first aid kits are a few other things to keep handy. 

What Can I Eat Without Electricity?

Some good options to eat during a power outage include

  • Low-sodium canned beans 
  • Vegetables and fruits 
  • Peanut butter
  • Breakfast cereal
  • Snack bars
  • Plant milk or shelf-stable milk 


Power outages can be hard to deal with, and it can be challenging to comprehend what to do when the power goes out. A few best practices and an excellent power backup system can prepare you for these unforeseen situations. 

If preparing an emergency plan for a power outage is next on your list, get a Jackery solar generator  to keep your electronic devices running for hours. 

Not to mention, solar generators are easy to handle, portable, safe, and silent, and can provide you with continuous power during power outages. Don't miss subscribing to our newsletter for product news and exclusive deals.