Qualities of the Best Solar Panels

Qualities of the Best Solar Panels

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The need for a reliable power source when camping is becoming more and more important in the modern world. We rely so much on electronic devices to keep us comfortable, entertained, and most importantly - safe.

While there are plenty of options for portable power sources, none is better than the solar panel. Lightweight, versatile, limitless supply, and environmentally friendly.

Naturally, relying on a solar panel for all of your power supply needs will lead you to wonder what makes a solar panel good - what are the qualities of the best solar panels?

Qualities of Best Solar Panels

While there are a variety of qualities that good solar panels may or may not have, there are several that all great solar panels are likely to have. These are the 6 qualities to look for when trying to find the best solar panels on the market:

1. Material (Mono-crystalline panels and Poly-crystalline panels)

Material matters when it comes to solar panels. The difference between mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline panels is mainly reflected in the crystallinity of the silicon in each unit cell. Silicon crystals are vital for an effective solar panel. Compared with Poly-crystalline panels, Mono-crystalline panels have higher purity and more complex manufacturing process, which are bring higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, and the price is also higher than Poly-crystalline solar panels.

In addition, Jackery's other electrical connection materials, encapsulation films, electrical insulating materials, etc., use a large number of industrial-grade photovoltaic modules equivalent materials, bring higher quality and reliability.

2. Solar panel output (Normal vs. High Efficiency)

Solar panels have varying efficiencies. Obviously, the higher the better. Standard solar panels usually have an energy efficiency of about 20%. Among the technologies that have been used for mass production, an energy conversion efficiency of 23-24% is currently the highest level that solar cells can achieve. This means you need smaller and lighter panels to supply equal amounts of energy.

Jackery Solarsaga 200w solar panels with excellent conversion efficiency. Advanced solar cells on the solar panel provides a higher conversion efficiency of up to 24.3%, outperforming comparable solar panels - producing more power under similar conditions.

high efficiency solar panel

3. Power

Sunlight intensity and circumstance vary in natural environment, so the product standard power 100W or 200W, needs to be measured under STC conditions (standard air quality spectrum AM1.5, 25±2℃, light intensity 1000W/m²), this is an international test standard and condition, which can ensure product quality and test accuracy.  Jackery Solarsaga 100W solar panel, under generally ideal conditions (sunny and cloudless weather with temperature of 20 °C and light wind), can continuously output about 85W power (Data comes from Jackery's laboratory test results, it is affected by latitude, air quality, light Intensity, temperature and other factors, that results in data differences in different regions and times). Besides, the output is changing by sunshine and environment, so some users may obtain continuous output of more than 100W under better lighting conditions.

4. Power Tolerance

Slightly contrary to point three, power tolerancerefers to the actual power output of the solar panel relative to the watt-peak rating. The real-world conditions of solar panels will vary slightly from the laboratory conditions in which they are tested.

5. Weak Light Performance

Weak light performance refers to how effective solar panels are even when lighting conditions are poor. For example, how well does a solar panel perform if conditions are cloudy or overcast? Where sunlight intensity is weak, the solar panel output power will be low. Even solar panels with a better weak-light performance will just have a relative higher output.

So, always remember that solar panels convert sunlight energy into electricity. The stronger the sunlight, the more electricity they bring. Try to keep them in direct sunlight and avoid shadows during use.

6. Temperature Coefficient (Pmax)

Solar panels work best under certain conditions. One of these conditions is the temperature that they operate within. Any rise in temperature will have a negative effect, the temperature coefficient (Pmax) informs you just how much of an effect rising temperatures will have. For example, the power temperature coefficient of Jackery SolarSaga100 is -0.29%/℃, which means that every degree Celsius the temperature rises you'd lose 0.29% of output.

Jackery Solar Panels and SolarSaga

Jackery SolarSaga

So, we have identified the most important qualities when looking for a solar panel. Where is the best place to look to find them?

The Jackery SolarSaga meets all of the above criteria and even combines seamlessly with a portable power station to provide a safe output for all of your newly harnessed solar energy. Plus, you can also use Jackery Solar Power Generator so you can convert the sunlight into electricity.

Using the very clear table of outputs you can identify which solar panel is best for you and your camping needs. Are you planning on using your panel for charging a few phones or for powering a refrigerator? By finding the right solar panel based on your needs you can ensure you are purchasing the best value for money solar panel for you.

Jackery's simplified setup, use, and maintenance of the SolarSaga make it suitable for anyone, anywhere. They are super simple to use and provide peace of mind in even the most remote locations.

Check out the Jackery SolarSaga here!


We hope this article has given you a much better idea of not only what qualities to look for in your new solar panels but why these qualities are so important. Having an environmentally friendly power supply, capable of meeting all of your requirements no matter where you are and no matter your needs is such an invaluable addition to your camping equipment.

The Jackery SolarSaga is so versatile there is definitely going to be a solar panel and power station combo that is both within your budget and capable of meeting all of your power supply needs. Ensuring you purchase the right panel for you is the only way to avoid finding yourself in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone battery and no way of keeping your beers cold!

Whether you are a seasoned solar panel user or are planning to become a first-time owner, Jackery is a tremendous resource for both educational content and incredible money-saving deals.

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