10 Beach Camping Tips and Tricks You Should Know

If you're a novice camper, exploring the wilderness is no easy feat, but you can start your journey with beach camping.

There's nothing like breathing crisp beach air or waking up next to the pounding surf. And when the sun goes down, you can fall asleep under the stars as you listen to the yearning waves off the beach.

With the summer season around the corner, the great outdoors is calling. To beat the sweltering summer heat, the only thing you want is to head out to your favorite beach and lounge in the water. But it takes some work to make this happen.

Beach camping tips and tricks can ensure your adventures go off without a hitch. With a bit of prep and afterthought, you can have the best camping experience.

beach camping advantures

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you enjoy the beachside escape.

Why should you go beach camping?

Beach camping offers unmatched outdoor experiences. The fantastic weather, beautiful sunsets, and amazing wildlife are some of the few things you expect. This exciting escapade allows you to disconnect from the hectic life in the city and unwind. Not to mention, that hypnotizing sound of the beach can melt your troubles away.

Beach camping has something for everyone. You can lounge in the chair all day or gaze at the starry skies at night. It's also a great time to pass time and create memories with your family. Whatever you need, spending time on the beach is the ultimate life of leisure.

Beach camping checklist

Picture this. You arrive at the campsite and unpack your supplies only to realize you forgot your fold-up camping chair. Maybe you forgot to bring your propane for the gas grill or your favorite sunscreen. Does this sound familiar? To prevent this from happening, you should prepare a camping checklist.

Here are a few things you must include:

  • Drinking water/Paper towels and tissue paper
  • Blankets, pillows, sheets/Air bed and pump/Sleeping bags/Tent stakes
  • Folding chairs/Sunglasses/A hat/Water shoes
  • Flashlight lantern/Propane/A lighter, matches, fire starters
  • First aid kit/Para-chord
  • Camping knife/Camping table/Utensils
  • Coolers/Bottle opener
  • Cellphone charger

    The fan part is that once you become an experienced camper, you'll learn how to stock up on the things that you need. If you're not prepared, you may not enjoy the connection with nature.

    Beach camping tips and tricks you should know

    1. Plan your activities ahead

    Unplugging from the mainstream can bring boredom if you don't plan ahead. While the idea of laying back and sunbathing may be on top of your itinerary, there's more you can do. Other activities you can enjoy at the beach include boating, fishing, water skiing, etc.

    2. Anticipate temperatures and pack accordingly

     Even during the hot summer season, the temperatures can change. You must anticipate any dramatic temperature changes. To avoid surprises, you can check the weather forecast online. You simply enter the code of the area of interest up to 15 days in advance. That way, you will know the gear to pack.

    3. Set up camp with tides and waves in mind

    Every time you camp on the beach, your safety comes first. If a high tide comes every few hours, there's a higher chance there will be one at night. You should never camp below the high tide line. Keep in mind that tides and waves are most extreme during the full moon.

    4. Have a portable power generator

    A portable power generator can be useful in different situations - from lighting to heating. However, shopping for the best unit can give even the most experienced technicians a headache.

    Jackery portable power generators are a great beach camping companion. They feature a rechargeable battery, USB charging ports, and a DC carport to keep your gear charged. Also, these units are easy to use and have low maintenance costs. Even better, the portable generators are whisper quiet, so you can camp in quiet solitude.

    Best portable power generator for camping

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    5. Hydration is a must

    This is one of the few beach camping tips you can't ignore. To beat the sweltering summer heat, you should drink plenty of water. A general rule of thumb is to bring two gallons of water per head. But again, you should consider the planned activities on the excursion.

    6. Bring a cooler and camping grills

    If you're hoping to test a few recipes, you need a portable camping grill. After all, we know that fish tastes best by the sea. In a hot environment, you also need to keep your drinks chilled. A quality water cooler will do the trick. No matter the size, make sure it has thick walls to hold on to the cold air.

    7. Review beach guidelines and warning signs in the area

    You can't just pitch your tent anywhere you want. To be on the safe side, you should check with the park and recreation department of the city you camp in. Most beaches will have the “no camping beyond this point” warning sign. If you ignore the rules, the fines can be hefty for violating the law.

    8. Use sunscreen and glasses with UV-protection

    Since beach water reflects solar radiation, you should keep the sun at bay. To protect your skin, you can rely on a high SPF sunscreen. A pair of sunglasses with UV protection can help to shield your eyes. You don't want to look like that lobster you ate for dinner.

    9. Camp near trees, bushes, and sand dunes

    At night, you want to reap the rewards of a quiet, lovely spot. If your regular tent pegs won't work well in the sand, you can pitch a tent near trees and bushes. You can also get a good spot behind the dunes - they offer natural shelter.

    10. Get the right gear for beach camping

    Just like other adventures, beach camping is a gear-intensive affair. For an enjoyable experience, you should invest in a quality tent that can withstand a hot and windy environment. Don't forget to prioritize breathability and sun protection.

    Wrap up

    Beach camping offers a lot of perks for outdoor enthusiasts - from spending your day in the sand to surfing. And once the sun goes down, you can sit on a campfire as you sip your favorite beverage.

    If you want to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing environment for your next beach adventure, you should follow the above tips and tricks. You can create memories with your loved ones if you take the time to plan your trip. Of course, you'll also be a lot happier if you keep yourself hydrated and check the weather often. Make sure you're allowed to camp where you are.

    Happy beach camping!

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