12 Genius Glamping Must-Haves for Your Getaway

Going outdoors is adventurous and relaxing at the same time, which makes it loved by everyone as the best way to spend the happy moments of their life.

If you want to explore camping and escape the bustling city life, and if you are a newbie to camping, you might want to try glamping.

Glamping offers you a list of must-have items essential in making your camping more comfortable and enjoyable than you could expect. This article focuses on the glamping essentials, types of equipment dedicated to helping you get prepared for a luxurious camping gateway anywhere in the world.

What is glamping?

Glamping may both include the word "camping" and "glamorous" in its meaning, as it provides a unique outdoor adventure with quality comfort for those who may not be familiar with its services. Therefore, it is a type of luxury camping that involves using accommodation and facilities, which are considered the most comfortable way of camping compared to traditional camping.

what is glamping

However, glamping will not limit you from enjoying the traditional camping benefits such as fresh air, freedom, and the stunning natural environment. It aims to make your trip more luxurious and comfortable, especially for the newbie who wants to explore an outdoor adventure for the first time.

Choosing glamping essentials will make their camping more successful and enjoyable.

Glamping must-haves and other essentials

Before you can think about any other glamping essentials you might need to include for your trip, here are the must-have glamping essentials you need for your camping getaway.

1. Camping Backpack

This is a classic glamping essential equipment you need most when going for an outdoor adventure. The backpacks will help you pack the necessary glamping items you require for your trip. This will ensure that your camping equipment is safely carried for your entire journey. Always ensure you choose a bag that can carry all your essential camping equipment safely for you to have an effective trip.

2. Portable Power Generator

This is essential camping equipment that will help you charge your phone batteries. It can also help you run your small portable coolers or refrigerators during your camping. Above all, it will help provide power for your lighting system at night. This will make your outdoor adventure more comfortable and safer.

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3. Compass

Even though your phone's GPS may be an excellent tool for navigating different places, it is also essential to carry a compass. A compass is more reliable and will give you the most accurate navigation, especially when you want to locate your home after the trip safely.

4. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is the first piece of equipment you need to pack when preparing for a camping trip. Even though the glamping accommodation usually includes this equipment, you can still pack your own that will help you overcome any potential emergency that may arise when camping. A first aid kit is always more critical, especially when your trip involves hiking through various national parks in the U.S.

5. Water filter bottle

A water filter bottle is one of the best necessities for glamping equipment you need not miss when going for an outdoor adventure vacation. Therefore, investing in a water filter bottle with safe drinking water will ensure you access clean drinking water during your entire camping vacation. In addition, this water filter bottle will filter 99.9% of bacteria present in water from lakes and streams.

6. Sunscreen Medications

This is a piece of essential camping equipment, especially when you are going for an outdoor adventure vacation in the summer season. The sunscreen will protect you from embarrassing sunburns during your camping vacation, especially when hiking on a mountain.

7. Insect Repellent

This equipment will help you keep off the mosquitoes when camping. Therefore, packing insect repellent will protect you from mosquito bites, especially when camping in natural forests.

8. Medications

Medication is essential glamping equipment you need not forget when preparing for a camping trip. Packing all your necessary medications will help you when you need them, especially when camping in areas without access to chemists' shops.

9. Camping stove or Griller

A camping stove or a griller will help when cooking, so you need not forget when packing for your next outdoor adventure. However, all these you may need for cooking will be included in your camping rental; therefore, carrying your stove will offer you an alternative option when you want to cook. This will enable you to enjoy your hot foods, especially during cold weather conditions.

10. Cooler

When you are packing for luxury camping, you will need to include a cooler. This is an essential piece of equipment to ensure your food and drinks are kept fresh and in good condition. This equipment is more important, especially when camping. Due to the warm temperatures experienced during summer camping, you may not want to indulge in hot foods and drinks after long hikes.

11. Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is also essential glamping equipment to help you have an enjoyable outdoor adventure full of entertainment. The wireless speaker will offer an endless sound system with high-quality music to keep you relaxed and entertained when camping. Therefore, packing your Bluetooth speaker when going for a camping trip will prevent you and all other campers from being bored by playing and singing different music while on a camping trip.

12. Folding table

This is essential glamping equipment you need to pack when going for a camping trip. It is easy to clean, store and transport and therefore helps you in providing convenient storage for your camping items.


Outdoor adventure vacations are among the luxury activities many people participate in to enjoy happy moments of their life. Because of this, glamping equipment is dedicated to offering you the best services you will need when camping that make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Therefore, when going for an outdoor adventure, always consider choosing the glamping equipment to experience their satisfactory services dedicated to making you have the most successful camping ever.

What other glamping must-have should we bring? Let us know in the comments!

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