Must-Have Fishing Gear & Accessories [Checklist PDF]

Walking down the aisles of a large retail store can be scary if you haven't fished in many years or if you're a first-time angler eager to get started. Regarding fishing tackle, there are infinite alternatives, making it nearly impossible to know where to begin without spending a fortune.

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Fishing is an age-old activity that provides the ideal reason to hop on a boat, crack open a cold one, and enjoy a peaceful day away from the hustle and bustle of life. Are you a fishing newbie still trying to figure out where to begin? Do you want to enhance your fishing skills this season? Or Are you looking for essential fishing must-haves? You've come to the correct place. In this post, you'll find everything you need to stock your tackle box for the upcoming season.   

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Must-Have Fishing Gear

Fishing is a relaxing and healthy pastime that can help you appreciate nature more. However, this hobby may rapidly become a challenge without the proper equipment. We decided to break down ten fishing must-haves in any well-rounded tackle box if you are a new angler or want to get your kids into fishing.

1. Fishing License    

It should go without saying, but unless you're under 16, almost every state requires a state-issued fishing license. Ensure you get one and spend a few minutes reviewing the restrictions for the area you'll be fishing in. It is beneficial to be aware of size and bag limitations, legal fishing methods, and even particular regulations for specific species.

2. Rod & Reel    

Regarding fishing gear, you can go from moderate to wild, just like most other pastimes. Every fishing style has rods and reels, but the key for first-time fishermen is to keep it simple. You should search for a rod and reel combo that can be used for both baits and lure fishing.

A medium action rod rated for 8lb to 20lb line is an excellent place to start and will allow you to capture a variety of species found in lakes and rivers. With careful care, the Ugly Stik GX2 model is a competitively priced, robust pair lasting many seasons. Before utilizing bait-casting reels, novice anglers should begin with spinning reels, often known as open-face reels.

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3. Fishing Line    

Fishing line is now available in a variety of materials and sizes. More extensive diameter lines constructed of the same material are more robust than smaller ones. Braided lines are typically solid and thin, fluorocarbon lines are abrasion-resistant and nearly invisible underwater, and mono-filament lines are buoyant and stretchable.

While each line type has a specific use, stay with mono-filament when you start. Smooth Berkley Trilene XL Casting clear mono-filament in a 10 lb test is an excellent way to start. Before your fishing expedition, practice making knots with the mono-filament since there's nothing more aggravating than forgetting how to retie a hook to your line while the fish are biting.  

4. Tackle    

Hooks, weights, and floats are the only three types of tackle that novice anglers may require. Fishing tackle is the equipment fishermen use and is a top fishing must-have. Terminal tackle is fastened to the end of a fishing line and cast out with the bait.  

- Hooks: When buying hooks, make sure they are not snelled. Snelled hooks come with a leader that the user attaches to a swivel snap. Gamakatsu hooks are sharp, sturdy, and long-lasting and can be found at practically any tackle shop.

- Weights: Weights are required to increase throwing distance and submerge your bait. Stick with basic split shot weights for first-time anglers. They are affordable and straightforward to set up.

- Floats: Anglers have yet to start fishing without using a float. Floats, often known as bobbers or strike indicators, hold your bait off the bottom of the lake and indicate when a fish is eating it.

5. Lures & Bite    

Most of us began our passion for fishing with live bait. The Nightcrawler is the most effective and versatile live bait available. Tie a small circular hook (size 8 or 10) to your line and add a couple of little split shots 12 - 18" above the hook for panfish like bluegills and perch. Clip the float above the split shot on the line, then thread small pieces of Nightcrawler through the hook and cast the line a few feet away from the bank. Live shiners are excellent bait for predatory fish such as bass. Shiners are tiny baitfish that bass love.

You may eventually become tired of bait fishing and seek a new challenge. Then you can start experimenting with lures. Numerous lure shapes, colors, and manufacturers are available, including soft plastics, spinner bites, and top water lures.

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6. Fish Finder & Fishing Tech    

Wireless, castable fish finders are becoming increasingly popular, and they're an economic electronics fishing must-have for new anglers. Consider yourself at your favorite lake, having tried live bait and every lure in your arsenal and still unable to catch anything. It could be for one simple reason: the fish aren't there. Imagine being able to see underwater and be confident that fish are present. That is what sonar gadgets can help you with.

7. Solar Generator for Fishing    

Electric fishing rods, reels, sonar fish finders, and boats require power. Imagine you're in the middle of a fishing excursion, your boat won't start, or your electric fish finder runs out of control because you neglected to charge it. How would you feel? Are you frustrated? Mad? Or is it regret? Not to worry, a portable solar generator can meet all your power requirements.

The Jackery Portable Solar Generators are ideal for fishing trips that require solar energy to power your equipment. SolarSaga solar panels work with Explorer power stations to convert solar energy into electricity stored for later use. One of the primary advantages of using a solar generator is that you may use solar energy to generate electricity. This means you won't have to connect to the grid or pay for the electricity generated by your solar panels.

how jackery solar generator works

Another benefit of having a solar generator is that you may transport it on your boat. This means you may not have to remove your boat's heavy battery because you can bring the charger to the battery. All Jackery solar generators are portable, quiet, and clean, so you may use them without disturbing your fishing.

Solar Generator 1000 Pro is recommended for all fishing trips, including ice, surf, and magnet fishing. With a capacity of 1002Wh, two 100W PD connectors, and an AC input of up to 800W, charging the Solar Generator 1000 Pro takes only 1.8 hours. This solar generator consists of SolarSaga 200W or 80W solar panels and an Explorer 1000 Pro power station to convert solar energy into electricity without environmental impact. This ultra-quiet (46dB) product includes an integrated battery management system (BMS) to monitor and protect battery life. Furthermore, with an intelligent screen, you can view and track all power input and output data.   




Recharge Time

Fishing Electronics

Jackery Solar Generator 1000 Pro


AC Output: 120V, 60Hz, 1000W (2000W Peak)

USB-A Output: Quick Charge 3.0, 18W Max

USB-C Output: 12V, 10A

Car Port: 120V, 60Hz, 15A Max

SolarSaga 200W: 1.8H

Fishing Reel(60W) 14H

Fishing Rod(10W) 85H

USB Lure(2.5W) 340H

Fish Finder(150W) 5.7H

Fishing Cooler(60W) 14.2H

Boat Engine(800W) 1.1H

SolarSaga 80W: 9H

AC Input: 1.8H

8. Fishing Knife    

A fishing knife is an essential item for any fishing excursion. Blades can be used for various purposes, including cutting bait, removing hooks, and filleting fish. A fillet knife is a must-have fishing gear for any serious angler.

Correct fishing tools, whether catching fish or cutting up the meat, are essential. While fishing is an activity that takes patience and timing, the process that follows is thankfully less time-consuming. A fish fillet knife's blade offers the ideal combination of precision, control, and maneuverability. It makes removing fins, skin, bones, and entrails simple.

9. Fishing Apparel    

When fishing, it is critical to dress appropriately. Wearing appropriate attire will keep you comfortable and safe from the elements. It's also crucial to wear traction-enhancing footwear to avoid slipping on damp areas. Sunglasses are another excellent option for protecting your eyes from the sun.

The sunglasses are ideal for fishing in any weather conditions. They have 100% UV protection and repel water and grease. The lenses are additionally polarised, which reduces glare and improves clarity. Furthermore, the fishing vest is intended for optimal comfort and storage, with effective weight distribution and compartments to keep your fishing necessities close at hand.  

10. Fishing Net & Cooler    

Fishing nets aid in the capture of fish. Landing nets, dip nets, and seine nets are all popular options. Check out these fishing nets. For the most remarkable catches, the coolers listed below will keep your fish fresh for days.  

Furthermore, the fishing cooler is large enough to contain enough food and drinks for two people and is made of weather-resistant materials. The cooler also includes built-in cup holders and a fish ruler on the lid.

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More Types of Fishing Gear

Did you know that fishing is among the most popular outdoor pastimes in the United States? Every year, almost 45 million individuals go fishing! Fishing is appealing for a variety of reasons. One of the most apparent advantages is that fishing is a unique method to exercise, release tension, and relax. The following are some additional types of fishing must-haves.       

Ice Fishing Gear   

The necessities in ice fishing gear begin with warm clothes to keep you comfortable in the elements. Ice fishing is less enjoyable when chilly, so wearing excellent thermal clothing and outerwear is essential. Light and mid-weight thermal tops and bottoms of moisture-wicking polyester and merino wool work nicely for a base layer. An ice drill is required. A spud bar can chip a hole in the ice, but an ice auger is the best instrument for cutting several holes as effectively as possible.    

Surf Fishing Gear   

Surf fishing is game fishing done on land while standing on the beach or wading into the surf zone. Surf fishing, as a broad word, may or may not require casting a lure or bait and refers to all sorts of shore fishing, including sandy and rocky beaches, rock jetties, and even fishing piers. Everything begins with the rod. Regarding surf fishing equipment, your reel is almost as vital as your rod.

Saltwater Fishing Gear   

You've located the ideal saltwater fishing boat for your needs, the solar generators to power it, and it's time to go fishing. However, before leaving the pier, ensure you're adequately prepared for any situation. This essential saltwater fishing gear belongs on every boat or yacht, regardless of the species or method you intend to use. You always want to maintain your fishing excursion by having your boat run out of energy. At that point, a high-capacity Jackery solar generator is an essential fishing tool for powering your gear with unlimited power.

Jackery solar generator for fishing

Must-Have Fishing Gear FAQs

There are some frequently asked questions about fishing must-haves & accessories: 

1. What things should I consider when buying fishing gear?

Many factors should be addressed when purchasing fishing equipment. Your fishing equipment, like its efficiency, must be excellent at executing its job. If buying a knife, ensure clients are delighted with its sharpness. Another thing to consider is whether your fishing equipment is compatible with your other gear. Look for snap swivels with the universal fit and rod holders that conveniently hang your fishing rods. Furthermore, your fishing equipment must be sturdy for several fishing seasons.  

2. What are the three things I need to catch a fish?

Fishing is a popular pastime for over 40 million people each year, and it can be a fun way to spend time outside with family and friends. Take time to revisit something you haven't done in years or attempt it for the first time! A fishing rod, a reel, and bait are essential fishing equipment. Because of the convenience of use, we recommend getting a spinning reel and utilizing plastic bait.  

3. How much does fishing gear cost?

Bait and snap swivels are inexpensive fishing must-haves, but tools such as knives, grabbers, and pliers can cost anywhere from £20 to £50. Essential equipment will cost between £100 and £150, while heavier-duty equipment will cost between £150 and £500.

Final Thoughts

Consider spending a day on the water if you're looking for a great approach to increase your well-being. Fishing is not only an enjoyable and peaceful hobby, but it may also provide a variety of health benefits, both mental and physical. This list of fishing must-haves and gear has given you some ideas on what to pack. Pack a Jackery portable solar generator to provide unlimited renewable energy to all your fishing equipment.

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