On-the-Go Energy Solutions: Power Stations for Caravans in the UK

On-the-Go Energy Solutions: Power Stations for Caravans in the UK

In a fast-paced world where wanderlust meets convenience, the UK's caravan enthusiasts seek more than just a traditional getaway.

Introducing our revolutionary on-the-go power stations designed exclusively for caravans, where the beauty of exploration meets the power of uninterrupted energy.

 As avid adventurers, we understand your frustrations during your journeys – from limited access to electrical hookups to the constant worry of running out of power. Fear not, for we have engineered a game-changing solution that will redefine how you experience life on the road.

Join us as we delve into cutting-edge technology, unrivalled efficiency, and unwavering commitment to ensuring your caravanning escapades are electrifying and empowering. Say goodbye to power constraints and embrace a new era of caravan travel like never before!

Jackery Solar Panels for Caravans

Caravan Travel In The UK And Power Stations

Caravan travel has soared in popularity in the UK, capturing the hearts of adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts. The allure of exploring picturesque landscapes, enjoying flexible itineraries, and immersing oneself in the beauty of nature has made caravanning a beloved way to travel.

However, portable power stations in the UK have become paramount as modern caravanners seek more comfort and convenience during their journeys. These compact and reliable energy solutions have revolutionised the caravanning experience by providing uninterrupted power for various devices and appliances.

From charging phones and cameras to running lights, fans, and even mini-fridges, portable power stations ensure that travellers can enjoy all the modern amenities of home while on the road. Their versatility and convenience have made them an essential companion for caravan enthusiasts, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience throughout the UK's breathtaking landscapes.

Power Requirements of Various Equipment in Caravan

  • Lighting: LED lights are commonly used in caravans due to their energy efficiency. Depending on their brightness and size, they typically consume anywhere from 3 to 15 watts per bulb.
  • Refrigerator: Caravan fridges come in various sizes and configurations. A small, compact fridge may consume around 50-60 watts, while larger ones with additional features can require up to 150 watts.
  • Heating and Cooling: Caravans may have electric heaters or air conditioning units. Depending on the heating or cooling capacity, these can consume significant power, ranging from 500 to 1500 watts or more.
  • Water Heater: Caravan water heaters, if electric, can consume around 1000 to 1500 watts when heating water.
  • Entertainment Devices: Devices such as TVs, DVD players, gaming consoles, and audio systems vary in power consumption. A TV might require 50-100 watts, while gaming consoles and audio systems can consume similar or higher power.
  • Charging Devices: Charging phones, laptops, cameras, and other gadgets is essential for modern travellers. The power required for charging these devices can vary from 5 to 100 watts, depending on the device and charging speed.
  • Cooking Appliances: If the caravan has electric cooking appliances like microwaves or electric stoves, they can consume significant power, ranging from 600 to 1500 watts or more.
  • Water Pump: Caravans equipped with a water pump for plumbing systems may consume around 20-50 watts, depending on the pump's size and efficiency.

It's important to note that these power requirements are approximate and can vary based on the specific make and model of the appliances. Additionally, energy-efficient appliances and LED lighting can significantly reduce overall power consumption in the caravan, allowing travellers to maximise the use of their portable power stations and enjoy extended periods of off-grid living without worrying about running out of power.

Jackery Campervan Solar Panel

The Need For Reliable Power Station

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply: A portable power solution ensures a continuous power supply for essential devices and appliances, such as phones, GPS, lights, and medical equipment, enhancing safety and convenience during travel.
  • Off-Grid Flexibility: Caravanners often venture into remote and off-grid locations with limited access to electrical hookups. A portable power station empowers them to enjoy the freedom of off-grid camping without compromising on modern comforts.
  • Emergency Preparedness: In unforeseen situations, such as power outages or emergencies, a portable power station is a reliable backup, providing essential electricity for communication, lighting, and other critical needs.
  • Versatile Charging: With multiple output ports and fast-charging capabilities, a portable power station supports a wide range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and cameras, accommodating various power needs on the go.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Portable power solutions, like solar-powered stations, harness renewable energy sources, reducing the reliance on traditional fuel-based generators and minimising the environmental impact of travel.
  • Space-Saving and Lightweight: Caravan spaces are limited, and portable power stations offer a compact and lightweight alternative to bulky generators, optimising available space and ensuring easy transportability.
  • Enhanced Caravanning Experience: A reliable power source enhances the overall travel experience, allowing caravanners to stay connected, entertained, and comfortable, making their journeys more enjoyable and memorable.

How To Choose A Portable Power Station?

  1. Wattage: Look for a portable power station with sufficient wattage to power the devices and appliances you plan to use in your caravan. Consider the combined wattage of all your gadgets and appliances to determine the ideal power station capacity.
  2. Capacity: The battery capacity is crucial as it determines how much power the station can store. Opt for a unit with ample capacity to sustain your power requirements during your trips without frequent recharging.
  3. Portability: Caravanning demands a power station that is easy to carry and transport. Look for compact, lightweight options with ergonomic handles or built-in wheels for hassle-free mobility.
  4. Battery Type: Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in modern portable power stations due to their high energy density, lightweight, and long-lasting performance. Choose a power station with a reliable lithium-ion battery for efficient power storage.
  5. Charging Options: Versatility in charging options is essential for on-the-go travel. Ensure the power station supports various charging methods, such as solar panels, car outlets, and wall sockets, enabling you to recharge the unit regardless of location.
  6. Inverter Type:A pure sine wave inverter is preferable as it provides clean and stable power for sensitive electronic devices and appliances. It ensures the efficient and safe operation of your gadgets.
  7. AC and DC Ports: Look for power stations with multiple AC and DC ports to accommodate a range of devices, from small electronics like laptops and phones to larger appliances like refrigerators and TVs.
  8. Fast Charging: Consider models with fast charging capabilities, especially if you rely on quick recharging during stopovers or short breaks.
  9. Battery Management System (BMS):A built-in BMS helps optimise battery performance, prevents overcharging, and safeguards the battery from damage, enhancing its lifespan.
  10. Noise Level: For a peaceful caravanning experience, choose a power station with low noise emission, ensuring minimal disturbances during use.

By carefully evaluating these features, you can select a reliable portable power source that perfectly suits your caravaning needs, allowing you to enjoy the comforts of home while exploring the beauty of the UK's countryside.

Product Recommendation — Jackery's Portable Power Station

Jackery is a well-known and highly reputable brand that has earned the trust of countless users worldwide. Established with a mission to deliver reliable and innovative energy solutions for outdoor adventures and emergency backup power, Jackery has consistently proven its commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

What sets Jackery apart is its unwavering dedication to research and development, resulting in cutting-edge technology that pushes the boundaries of what portable power stations can achieve. Their extensive range of products caters to users' diverse needs, whether for camping trips, caravanning, outdoor events, or emergency power backup during unforeseen circumstances.

Through a combination of user-friendly design, exceptional build quality, and the incorporation of advanced lithium battery technology, the power stations have garnered a reputation for being robust, efficient, and long-lasting. This reliability is further reinforced by their commitment to rigorous quality control standards and compliance with industry certifications.

With a solid track record of delivering on their promises, it's no wonder that Jackery has emerged as a preferred choice for adventurers, travellers, and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a dependable and portable power source.


Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

Full Solar Charge Time

1.8 hours with 4*200W solar panels

9.5 hours with 100W solar panels

Foldable Handle



Smart Screen Display

Yes (shows 18 functioning modes)

LCD screen

Inverter Type

Pure Sine Wave

Pure Sine Wave

Noise Level



Battery Management System (BMS)



Ultra-Long Standby Time

More than 365 days

Not specified

Battery Capacity



AC Outlet



USB-A Port



USB-C Port



DC Port







25.4 Pounds

13.3 Pounds - Same size as a basketball

Recommended Use

Camping, Caravanning, Power outages, etc.

Outdoor adventures, Home backup, Camping, etc.


1. Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station is your ultimate companion for limitless outdoor adventures and reliable home backup power.

  • Engineered with a lithium-ion battery pack and a robust frame structure, ensuring enduring performance for any on-the-go scenario.
  • Boasts a perfect capacity of 518 watt-hours (24Ah, 21.6V), effortlessly powering an array of appliances from mini coolers and fans to projectors, lamp lights, and even TVs.
  • It is designed for ultimate portability with a solid handle, conveniently sized to match a basketball. It makes it easy to carry on camping trips, RV excursions, road trips, and home backup needs.
  • Operating quietly with a noise level as low as 37.9dB, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable experience wherever you go.
  • Offers versatile charging options, including solar panels, car outlets, or electric generators, ensuring your gear is always ready to go without relying on a wall outlet.
  • The innovative Battery Management System (BMS) optimises battery life and enables pass-through charging for enhanced convenience.
  • Exceptional battery life, retaining 80% capacity even after 800 charge cycles, thanks to the intelligent BMS and pure sine wave inverter that delivers stable power to appliances.
  • State-of-the-art temperature sensors ensure adaptability to extreme weather conditions, ensuring durability in hot and cold temperatures.
  • Fortified against short circuits, overcharge, overvoltages, and more, with a high-quality built-in MPPT charge controller and pure sine wave inverter.
  • Eco-friendly and renewable, emitting no fumes or utilising fuels, making it a responsible choice for nature lovers, campers, RV enthusiasts, and off-grid living enthusiasts.
  • Unlock the sun's power with the Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station's solar recharging capability, achieving a full charge in 9.5 hours with the Jackery SolarSaga 100W solar panel.
  • Embrace the freedom of endless energy and embark on your next adventure with the reliable and versatile Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station.
Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

2. Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station

Discover the unmatched power and convenience of the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station.

  • Impressive AC input capacity of up to 800W allows for a full charge in just 1.8 hours via wall outlet or solar energy with four 200W solar panels.
  • A perfect companion for on-the-go lifestyles with its lighter, smaller design and foldable handle for easy carrying and space-saving storage during travels.
  • Smart screen display offers crystal clear viewing and 18 functioning modes for complete control and insight into its versatile capabilities.
  • Prioritizing safety and reliability, the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station features a pure sine wave inverter, delivering stable power with minimal noise (46dB) to protect your valuable equipment from damage.
  • A built-in battery management system (BMS) enhances its ultra-long battery life, while an adjustable LED light caters to outdoor lighting needs.
  • Equipped with dual 100W PD fast charging ports, providing a steady and quick power supply for phones, iPads, drones, cameras, and more.
  • A charging hub supports up to 8 devices simultaneously with multiple output ports, including 21000W AC ports, 2 USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports, and 1 carport.
  • A remarkable capacity of 1002Wh ensures all your gadgets stay charged and ready for action.
  • Demonstrating durability, the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station boasts an ultra-long standby capability, lasting up to 10 years with just one usage per week.
  • A low self-discharge rate ensures reliability for up to 365 days from an 80% battery level, making it an ideal companion for off-grid living and power outages.

Embrace the freedom and versatility this powerhouse brings your life, whether exploring the great outdoors or preparing for unforeseen circumstances. The Jackery power station is your trustworthy energy solution for years to come.

Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Portable Power Station

On-the-go energy solutions have become an indispensable asset for caravanning enthusiasts in the UK, transforming how we experience and enjoy our adventures. Among the many options available, Jackery portable power stations and solar generators stand out as a shining beacon of reliability and versatility.

With the ever-growing demand for continuous power, Jackery power stations offer a steadfast solution that caters to various power needs. Whether you're embarking on a long-distance camping trip, seeking a compact power source for your caravan's appliances, or require a robust backup during power outages, Jackery has got you covered.

Their innovative features, such as advanced functions, fast charging capabilities, and ultra-long battery life, ensure a seamless power supply, empowering you to stay connected, entertained, and well-equipped throughout your journey.

Embrace their reliability and peace of mind, knowing you have a reliable energy solution to fuel your adventures and make the most of every moment on the road. Enjoy the journey like never before!

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