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Off the Grid: Finding Bliss on a Narrowboat
Follow Michaela and Marlon's inspiring journey from urban stress to a dream life on their narrowboat, 'Swan Goddess.' They've embraced nature, slow living, and eco-friendliness, powered by Jackery Explorer 500. Discover the beauty of all seasons and find inspiration for a simpler, more fulfilling life.
Seamless Preparedness: An Experience with Jackery Power Solutions
Explore Michael's Jackery journey through power outages in his village. Discover the role of the Explorer 1000 Pro and Explorer 240 in maintaining connectivity and readiness. Experience the ease, setup speed, and self-sufficiency of Jackery's portable power stations.
Michael Kuschkowitz
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Eric Malsbury is an avid camper and traveler who loves traveling all around the globe. He's camping for an entire year in Boston and is doing a Harvard disaster medical fellowship. Eric has been a paramedic for almost 40 years, did ski patrolling in Colorado for 15 years, and spent several months in places like McMurdo.
Eric Mille
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● Event Time:
Starting from 18th October 2023 to 5th November 2023.
● Power For Good
All orders across the site, a portion of our profits will be donated to Eden Reforestation Projects supporting environmental causes. You'll also receive a thank you letter, expressing our gratitude for your participation of the event.
With every purchase of the selected 11 special solar generators, you will receive the newly launched Explorer 100 Plus.
The Free Explorer 100 Plus will be shipped on Nov. 7th.
● Anniversary Gifts
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● Jackery Stories
Jackery Stories is an open and diverse sharing platform where we encourage everyone to share their stories, professional insights and experiences with Jackery. Outstanding stories will be featured in the Jackery Stories section, with authors of the outstanding stories winning a special gift.
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